• Roof Tilers Unley

    Riverside Roofing are the roof restoration experts in Unley. Mark, the owner has been re-tiling roofs for over 25 years, and is an expert at matching terracotta roof tiles and concrete roof tiles to the original homes.

    As an expert in roof restorations, specialising in roof tiling, Mark will also undertake the following tasks:

    Roof re ridging, re roofing, roofing extensions, Roof repairs, restorations, roof plumbing, and maintenance.

    When you deal with Riverside Roofing, you'll be dealing with Mar, the trades person, NOT a salesperson. Mark has worked on some of Unley's most prestigious houses and always receives rave reviews thanks to his personalised and caring approach.

  • Roof Restoration Unley 5061

    The roof restoration process will often involve an assessment, a quote, and then a clean. The clean is usually a pressure clean, and is more about creating a stable surface on which to apply the paint that restores your dull roofing tiles.
    After they are cleaned, any broken roof tiles are replaced, and the surface is now ready for its first coat of specialised roofing paint. Each contractor will use a different paint and with different instructions. It's best to ask them about the lifespan of the products and how well it will stick to the tiles.
    Some contractors will apply several layers when repairing a roof, while others may need less depending on the paint. It's always a good idea to ask for any leftover roofing paint for future touch ups that you may need to undertake yourself.


  • Gutter Cleaning Unley

    Many roofing companies will specialise in one area. This may be either tiled roofs, or colourbond roofs. Some will also do gutters and downpipe replacements also. Take a good look at your gutters. If there is water pooling, then you need to clear out all blockages like excess leaves, and also run a hose along to help with flow.Mark of Riverside Roofing offers gutter cleaning in Unley as part of his service or a specialised service on its own.

    The water should flow naturally towards the downpipes along gutters. If it does not, then you will get water pooling in certain areas, and over time this will corrode your gutters. An Unley roofing expert like Mark will assess any potential problems and discuss a viable solution with you.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Restore my Unley Roof Tiles

    Contact Mark of Riverside Roofing for a free quote on your roofing and roof tiling in Unley. With roof restoration there are often different interpretations as to how much work needs to be done. So ask your contractor specifically, how do they prepare your roof, how do they restore your roof, and what (if anything) is not included as an optional extra. Some companies charge extra to replace cracked tiles, some will charge for extra mortar replacements. It is important to have a good conversation about what is covered in your roof restoration and how detailed the work involved will be. Youtube video on roof repairs Unley.

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