• Mount Barker Landscape Centre

    Welcome to Mt Barker Landscape Centre, the number one supplier of soil, mulch, building grade rubble and gravel, sand and other assorted landscaping supplies. We are the number one destination for landscapers in the Adelaide Hills and Mt Barker regions due to our great range, high stock levels and best prices.

    With over 10 years of industry experience, our friendly and knowledgeable team at the Mt Barker Landscape Centre can assist with all your needs from the weekend warrior doing a backyard project, through to the seasoned landscaping contractor after some serious products.

    Call in and view our range, or use the click to call button on your mobile to get some expert over the phone advice.

  • Landscaping Supplies Mt Barker

    With the most extensive range of landscaping supplies in Mount Barker feel free to call in and browse around or phone us for your specific item requirements. With absolutely everything from red gum firewood, to slow combustion heating equipment, to sands, mulches, soil and bagged products.

    Whatever type of sand, gravel and soil you need Mt Barker Landscape Centre has all the supplies for your commercial, residential or backyard project. Professionals, amateurs and weekend warriors are all welcome and will always get top level service and friendly advice on the best products to use for your garden.

  • Great Prices at Mt Barker Landscape Centre

    Right now more than ever, being price competitive is of utmost importance. Come in for yourself and you'll find our everyday prices are great value. We also have varying price points on most products depending on the types of soil, rubble or mulch you choose. There are landscape supplies for every budget.

  • Our Products

    At Mt Barker Landscape Centre we have all the landscaping products for all bricklaying, landscaping and building jobs. We deliver to all local areas with our large fleet of tipper trucks and utes. So no-matter how much, sand soil or mulch you need, we are just a phone call away. With our great rates and over the phone quotes, you'll get fast delivery to your job site every day of the week.

    Our products include, firewood, bagged landscaping products, soil, mulch, sand, gravel and rubble. Everything is in our display yard, ready to be loaded and delivered instantly.

  • Landscaper Discount

    Tradies, get a 10% discount. That's right, a 10% discount for tradesmen and landscaping contractors. This applies to our entire range of building and landscaping supplies. When you buy stock online please remember to enter your tradie promo code when you get the the checkout. To get a code, contact us using the click to call button at the top of the page.

  • Extensive Range

    The range is simply breathtaking. Take a look outside at our abundance of mulches, soils and rubbles. We have sand for bricklayers, sand for drainage and organic sandy loam for lawn and turf. We have mulches in different colours and different size wood chips. We get new products every week and are constantly expanding, so it's worth taking the time to come visit us at mount Barker Landscape Centre.

  • Right Advice

    We understand your needs with over 10 years experience in the industry and most of our staff having a background in landscaping or building that extends even further back. When you shop at landscape centre Mt Barker you not only get to view the largest variety of landscaping products, but you get practical advice as to the best soils, mulches and sand for your specific location and landscaping project

    4.7(based on 3 reviews)
    • We go here all the time. My wife spends way too much money there lol Nygang 04/19/2016
    • What the hec:! So very disappointed to see previous reviews banging on about poor customer service and pointing the finger at Karen in particular, not to mention the review on poor compost product more than 2 years later. People get a life. All the people employed with this small, invaluable, local company are good folk. They do the very best they can do to represent MBLC to the best of their ability. There always two sides to every event - not every customer uses kind, pleasant or diplomatic terms if they have an issue so why is it that the customer service person comes out looking like the worst service person in the world. This is an excellent business so just continue to shop locally and don't forget they have every right to charge a delivery fee for their product - they too have business overheads to meet just like we the customer have household overheads. MBLC keep up the service. Mary Rodda 02/06/2018
    • Rip off merchants. Do not buy from this retail outlet Chris 05/25/2018
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