• Electricians near Largs Bay

    Every home will need an electrician to come out at some point to fix any faults that the home or office building has, but finding the best team for the job can be daunting. We can assure you that we are the best team for the job and have many years experience repairing and installing electrical solutions for people in Largs Bay and Largs North (5016). Our technicians are constantly on the go and can come to your home or office at any time to fix any faults that you may have. If your wall sockets are not working properly, your switch board is on the frits, any appliances have stripped or damaged cords or even if your solar panel system is faulty, we can have them looked at and repaired to the highest standard in the shortest amount of time
    If you want a team that is dedicated and knows all there is to know in Largs North, then call us today and speak with our amazing staff about the best solution to your faults.

  • Emergency Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

    It can be a pain when your relaxing in your home and something unexpected happens like you lights go out and they won’t turn back on even when you change the bulb, or your switch board just simply wont work. These are all issues that should be taken care of by a qualified team of professionals like the team at Mueller Electrical. We are always on the move solving the cities electrical faults and can come to your residential home or commercial business at anytime 24/7 to have your issues fixed on the same day. There is no job that we can’t handle and will assure you the quickest and most cost effective service.  We will always let you know how much the overall job will cost before we arrive so you have more piece of mind when knowing how much it will cost. We will even give you a FREE electrical check on all of your appliances and electric systems which can cost in the area of $400+. This is to ensure that all of your appliances, sockets and anything else that could be potentially dangerous are working and the safest they can possibly be.

  • Solar Panel Installation

    So many people want to save money on their power bills every year, and with today’s shocking prices it’s not hard to see why. The best overall option for this is to have a quality solar panel system installed onto your home or office building. Solar is a great, cost effective solution that can easily save you up to 80% on your yearly power bills, which means more $$$ in your pocket and not into the power companies. We only stock and install he best brands and builds and will make sure that they are running and working the most efficiently they can as to provide you with as much free energy as possible. We can also service and repair any solar system of any build and brand, regardless of whether or not you have it constructed through us or someone else. Having them serviced will save you money in the long run and ensure that there are no future breakdown or anything that could compromise the quality of the system.

  • LED Lighting, Mood Lighting & Smoke Alarms

    Everyone wants to save money on their power bills but some don’t want to have to spend the money of a solar panel system. The cheapest and easiest way to do this si to have quality LED lighting installed in your home or office. LED lights can use up to 80-90% less energy than their older counterparts and have a lifespan that is up to 20 times longer. If you don’t have the necessary sockets to install them, then we can provide a solution in which we fit out your roof to be able to house these types of lights and can have then done in any room such as the kitchen, lounge or bedroom. We also have a mood lighting option which is fantastic for kitchens. This is where LED strips are placed around the tops or bottoms of kitchen cabinets and can provide a colourful, well light area that not only looks fantastic at night, but can bring you valuable light into the room if you don’t want to have the regular lighting turned on.