• Plumbers Pennington

    Searching for a qualified plumber in Pennington, SA 5013 for your household or business? Make us your first choice for all your domestic and commercial plumbing requirements in Adelaide. They have twenty-seven years of experience servicing the homes and businesses of South Australians.  Competitively priced, top quality plumbing when you really need it. we provide emergency 24-hour plumbing right across the city. On the weekends and after-hours, their mobile team of fully licensed plumbers and gasfitters are on call. Busted hot water systems, leaking taps and toilets, blocked drains and more – they will fix them fast.

  • Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing

    Broken plumbing, blocked toilets, overflowing drains and no hot water are situations that call for immediate action in the home and at your place of business. They all require emergency plumbing, and we are ready to help, right now! When you require emergency 24-hour plumbing in Pennington, you know the name to call. They have a team of mobile emergency plumbers with a full cache of replacement plumbing fittings and parts. Plus, the latest high tech plumbing equipment to make fixing your plumbing cheaper and quicker.

  • No Hot Water

    When you turn the hot tap and nothing but cold water comes out, you know that you have a problem. It can produce a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. we can ease the burden by repairing your hot water system pronto. When your hot water system is on the blink and cold showers, don’t seem that appealing, you want emergency hot water plumbing. They fix and install all solar, gas, electric and heat pump run hot water units. Don’t put up with no hot water.

  • Blocked Drains in Pennington

    we can unblock your drains and return your plumbing to working order in no time at all. They use CCTV in-drain camera technology, sewer machines and hydrojet pumps to locate the blockage and clear your pipes. These all add up to time and money being saved for you, the customer. They have a special on blocked drains this month, call now to find out more!

  • Gasfitting

    For all your gas plumbing and gasfitting requirements in Adelaide, we are your number one choice. They repair, replace and install gas fittings, pipes and appliances. Competitively priced and offering a 24/7 service, they have the runs on the board for customer service and quality workmanship.