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    In the market for a solar battery storage system for your Bordertown, SA home or business? Are you excited about the possibility of going off grid and liberating yourself from the rapacious power companies? AllState Solar understand where you are coming from and can help you make the shift to solar. With 25 years’ experience in home improvements and solar, they have the know-how and the experience to design and install a solar system for you. They are a national organisation, Australian owned and operated, so they utilise products suited to our tough conditions. Fully licensed and accredited by the Australian Solar Council, the Master Builder Association, the Clean Energy Council and the Housing Industry Association. Competitively priced and committed to excellence. Call 1300 166 477 to speak to a consultant today.

    Home Battery Systems

    Regional Australia has been waiting for the break throughs in solar technology to finally happen. The new generation home battery systems are delivering maximum energy consumption of the solar energy produced within homes and businesses. Hybrid solar battery systems with inverters are directing energy to appliances and the overflow into lithium-ion batteries to be stored for when energy is not being produced. The future of solar has arrived.

    Battery Backups in Bordertown

    Solar power at home, and in businesses, is now all about storage of energy and maximising self-consumption. AllState Solar have Solax inverters with Pylontech LFP, and Sungrow inverters using LG Chem lithium-ion batteries, these energy efficient combinations are powering households right around Australia. Battery backups make solar the alternative energy it has always promised to be. You have power when the sun is shining, and, now, you have power when it isn’t. 

    Solar Storage

    The days of enormous, expensive and poor performing acid/lead batteries is over. The new lithium-ion batteries are smaller, lighter, longer lasting, low maintenance and high performing. Solar’s critics are finally falling off the perch, as it comes of age and delivers stand-alone/off grid possibilities. Regional Australia is embracing solar battery storage systems in Bordertown and right across the continent. AllState Solar include battery manufacturer’s warranties with their hybrid solar storage systems. You get 10 years on the LG Chem lithium battery and substantial warranties on all the other brands they utilise. Prices are beginning to come down on solar battery storage systems around the country. With more and more Australians taking up this technology, its cost effectiveness will only continue to rise. Talk to an AllState Solar consultant today about the right solar system for your residence or business.