• Pest Control in Greenwith

  • There’s nothing worse than a pest infestation ruining your home and potentially endangering your family. But there is an easy solution – OzPest! We are Greenwith’s local experts at eradicating and managing all types of pests, from redback spiders, termites, wasps, ants and more. We specialise in long lasting treatments using eco-friendly products that are safe for your family and pets. Our technicians service all property types, including homes, office buildings, recreational facilities and worksites. So whatever your pest control problem may be, OzPest have the answer! Call us now!

  • Greenwith’s Termite Specialists

    OzPest are serious about eradicating and preventing termite infestations in your home or facility. Our comprehensive inspections locate any termite activity and damage, allowing us to tailor a solution for your property. We use the latest Termatrac T3i and borescope detection equipment to conduct a thorough, non-invasive search and provide a full report of our findings. An OzPest inspection is an absolute must if you are purchasing a property too. Buy with confidence knowing your new house is termite free. 

    If no termite activity is detected, be proactive and get our non-toxic in-soil chemical and physical barriers installed to prevent any future infestations. If termites are found, our Termidor accredited technicians use a range of state of the art technology and products to ensure thorough eradication of the pests. Make the investment for the future of your home, and book an inspection with OzPest today!

  • Say Goodbye to Your Pests!

    No matter where your pests are hiding, whether in your home, shed, garage or pergola, the OzPest technicians will find it with our full property inspection. 

    • Spiders: A build of cobwebs in and around your home means one thing – spiders are moving in! Don’t let redbacks, funnel webs and whitetip spiders become a hazard for your family. Our stain-free and odourless treatments are covered by our 6 month warranty, and are safe for your children and pets too.
    • Flies: Flies are a fact of life in Australia, but if an infestation of drain, cluster, blow or fruit fly has occurred in your yard, call OzPest to help deliver a solution for your pest control problem.
    • Bed Bugs:  These bugs infest your mattress and bedding, causing irritation and even allergic reactions. We offer a full inspection and insecticide treatment that is safe for your family or hotel clientele. OzPest also stock mattress encasements for added protection. 
    • Ants: For comprehensive ant control treatments, choose OzPest. Our odourless sprays, baits and dusts are safe for children and pets, and carry a 6 month guarantee. Get rid of your ant infestation today.
    • Bees & Wasps: Although these insects are healthy for the environment, we know you don’t want them making your yard their home base! OzPest can safely remove bee and wasp nests and advise you on keeping them away for good. 
  • SA Owned & Operated

    OzPest is a family run business, so we put our reputation on the line every day, ensuring you get the best possible service and pest control results. Our technicians are all fully insured and qualified in pest control and fumigation management, and they are overseen by owner Rob Hore who has years of experience in the industry. We have affordable prices to suit all budgets, and regular specials on our Facebook page too. Trust OzPest to get the job done today!