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    Buying or selling a property in Normanville 5204 SA? You want to talk to Grant Renshaw. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510. Using us, you can get the advantage over others. Have a professional mortgage broking team on your side when you’re making the great investment in property.

    Mortgage brokers

    Banks used to sell their own products. And while was all well and good, it wasn’t great for the potential homeowner – so, you. With so many options on the market, it was hard for the homeowner to decipher the good from the bad. And as loans became more competitive, the role of the mortgage broker has increased in importance. By using a broker, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best loan, individual to you. Remember, your needs are different to everyone else. So, a standard loan with the same features isn’t going to cut it. We do all of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

    About Advantage Finance

    With services across a broad range of personal and business finance products, the Advantage Finance team can get you on the best home loan. Part of our unique service is maintaining close contact with our clients, to ensure that you feel comfortable at every step of the process. We want you to actually enjoy it, and look back on it well. We’ll take a look at your personal financial situation, so we understand the most tax-effective situation for you. Driven by the goal to help you achieve wealth creation,

    We promise to: 

    • Assist you to develop your complete financial goals
    • Deliver personal service – from enquiry to completion
    • Support you through ongoing services for the life of your loan… not just settlement.
    • Help you develop a substantial property portfolio.

    Home makeovers, renovations and improvements

    Want to re-do your kitchen or bathroom? Thinking of updating your backyard to be able to entertain guests this coming summer? Refinancing your home loan could be for you.

    There are a number of reasons you may want to refinance your home loan, such as: 

    • You may be looking for a better interest rate or new features and add-ons – such as flexible repayments, redraw facilities and account splitting
    • You may be looking to use the equity in your home to renovate
    • If you’re coming to the end of a fixed rate term, it’s a good time to see if you can get a better interest rate or a more flexible home loan
    • You may be looking to consolidate debts such as a personal loan, car loan or credit card onto your mortgage, so it’s easier to manage your finances.

    Get the advantage today… talk to us.