• Plumbing North Haven

    Need a plumber? A good plumber? Sometimes they’re far and few between. Some charge too much, while others charge too little. It seems there’s never a balance between quality workmanship and price. This is where we comes in. With us, you don’t have to choose between the two. We have the best plumbers in Adelaide. We mean it. We work all across town, so you know by calling us you’re calling a local.

    Call a plumber today. Each of our guys are fully trained, certified and experienced. Available 24/7, call us anytime for your free quote. 

  • About us

    If you’re constantly battling leaking taps, clogged gutter, discoloured water, or no water at all, then your plumbing system needs help… professional help. Call us whenever you need and we’ll be there. Whether you need our 24-hour emergency service, a maintenance check-up or your plumbing system is not working as well as it used to, we’ll find the solution. Our services are multi-dimensional. We get to the bottom of your problem – it’s as simple as that. Our impeccable response time means that you won’t have to wait longer than you need to before we’re standing your doorstep – tools in hand.

    Let us give you a hand with:

    • General plumbing
    • Hot water service and installation
    • Hot water repairs
    • Emergency plumbing
    • Blocked drains
    • Drain camera and hydrojet
    • Blocked toilets
    • Blocked sinks
    • Water and gas leak detection
    • Roofing and guttering repairs
    • Commercial plumbing
    • Air conditioning installation. 
  • Why doesn’t my hot water last when I take a shower?

    You jump into your shower and get the hot water cranking, only to have it go cold, minutes later. It’s frustrating. First of all, you need to check all your fixtures to see if cold water is only coming out of the shower. It could be a whole-house problem. If there is no hot water, then the problem is your hot water system. You’ll need to check the temperature control on the unit, to see if the setting is ok. Once you’ve done this, see if it’s blown a fuse. If you use gas hot water, it could be the pilot light that’s blown. If you’re too worried to touch the water system yourself, give us a call and we’ll be there soon. Remember, we do this type of thing everyday. We’re going to be much more efficient.