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  • Bedding Golden Grove

    Are you in the market for new bedding? Do you live in Golden Grove? BedEBuys, Adelaide’s leading bedding store can help you with all of your bedding needs. With a furniture store centrally located just a few minutes from Golden Grove, BEDeBUYS have all your beds, bedding and mattresses at the best prices in Adelaide.

  • 5 Tips for Choosing Beds & Bedding

    Here are five tips to get you started, if you’re thinking about buying new bedding.


    1. Splurge a little: Bedding is one of those things where it’s ok to spend a bit more. Low quality sheets are never fun to hop into. You spend at least 8 hours of your day in bed, so it’s important that you’re comfortable.


    1. Check the thread count: The thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric will be. The team at BedEBuys in Golden Grove will tell you, thread count is important. Anything over 200 is considered high quality. But it’s also important not to just buy the highest number you can see. If you see a company claiming a 1200 thread count, they’re probably counting each fibre in the thread – not just each thread.


    1. Don’t forget the texture: Think about how you’re going to ‘dress-up’ your bed with new pillows, sheets and blankets. Why not choose bedding that has some texture to it, such as ruffles or pintucks. This adds interest to an otherwise plain white bed.


    1. Add new patterns & styles: The great thing about bedding is you can change it up regularly to give your bed a whole new look. Is it summer? Maybe you’d like to buy a light, summery quilt – and add some throw pillows to it.


    1. Choose duvet covers with ties in the corners: Don’t you hate it when the comforter moves around inside the duvet cover during the night? It can be irritating to have to smooth it out and get it in place every morning. Buy a duvet cover with ties in each corner, so the comforter stays in place.
  • Visit BEDeBUYS Furniture Store

    If you’re in Golden Grove, drive down to your local bedding store, BedEBuys to find all of your bedding. Our friendly team of specialists are ready to help you – so you can sleep sound tonight.

    We have a range of bedding products for everyone in the family – mum, dad, teenage and young kids. Whether you need new bedding for a bunk bed, single bed, double bed, queen or king-size, we can help.

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