• Fire Extinguisher Testing in Adelaide

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    Need your fire extinguisher tested? You don’t want to leave it until a hazard, to find out that it doesn’t work. Our fire protection equipment inspection and maintenance service prevents you from major fire damage – if you ever need to use your extinguisher. Let us be your go-to team to maintain safety in your workplace. If you’ve got a business in Adelaide, contact us today.

    Service your fire equipment

    Service and maintenance is key, to prolonging the life of your fire equipment. Plus, maintenance procedures reveal any of the following problems:

    • Safety seals are broken or missing
    • The fullness of the extinguisher
    • Physical damage, corrosion, leakage or a clogged nozzle
    • Pressure gauge readings are not in the operable range or position.

    Our servicing schedule can keep on top of these issues.

    About Port Adelaide Fire Control

    Locally owned and operated, we ensure Adelaide businesses are operating safely. The businesses we work with know what they’d do in a fire, and know that their equipment will protect them. Every one of our fire extinguisher inspectors are accredited and licensed. All of us are familiar with electrical appliances and how important they are to the safety of a business.

    Why is equipment inspecting important to your business?

    • To ensure every person who enters your business, your staff and customers, are safe
    • To avoid legal issues, by operating within the legislation
    • To comply with your insurance and keep premiums low
    • To keep on top of your electrical assets.

    Protect your business in a fire

    Have you ever considered what you’d do in a fire? Do you know how old your fire equipment is? It’s a good idea to make sure your workplace safety strategy is in order – and the best place to start is regular fire extinguisher testing.

    We’ve been visiting businesses in Adelaide for years, running routine checks on all fire equipment and emergency exit lighting. In one, hassle-free visit, we’ll give you the peace of mind that your workplace is covered, in case of a fire. Testing and tagging is absolutely critical. It’s not only providing a safe work environment for your team, but it’s safe guarding your business too. And regular testing is mandatory under the SA OHS&W Act 1986. Whether you operate a business in a factory, office, store or construction site, you need to think about testing your fire extinguisher.