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  • Adelaide Investment Properties

    Hi and welcome to Adelaide investment properties. We sell the finest property investments that have passed through our stringent testing, and are proven to be below market value. Each property we offer will have a "silver lining". This may be in the form of above average yield, buying under market value, or potential for instant equity.

    How do we get these deals you may ask? Well a lot of the time when developers are creating large subdivisions, they require a certain amount of pre-sales to obtain bank finances. So often these developers are happy to sell a limited number of good investment properties below market value. This starts the ball rolling for them, but more importantly for you as an investor, it allows you to purchase a property below market value.

    Believe me this is not too good to be true, and it does happen. You usually don't hear about it because the properties are snapped up privately and never hit the market. This is how the wealthy increase their fortune, through having the inside word on a lot of these style of properties. The long settlement periods (Because they are often first in) and instant equity, mean they are a sure fire way to build wealth.


  • Our Current Offer

    On offer we have a development to the South of Adelaide. You can register your interest with the form, and our friendly representative from Glenelg will get in touch with you to send you more details or meet with you. Due to a confidentiality agreement with the developer we can only disclose more information once you register, as they do not want to jeopardise the future value of the site by making these low cost sales public. You will not see these properties on www.realestate.com.au as we have exclusive selling rights.

    They are within 1km of the beach. They have fantastic outlook in all directions. They have been rental appraised and are cash flow positive investments. These are rare and highly sought after. The price point for 4 of the house and land packages is only $199,000. They are appraised at $250,000.

    Register your interest below as only 4 of the 8 are being offered at this price so the developer can obtain finance and make a profit from the remaining 4.

  • Limited Time Offer

    The developer has put a time frame on the discounted offer, as they are keen to get the project underway. If you are looking to purchase these properties, they would be an asset to your portfolio. These properties were given to us exclusively in early October 2020. It is likely they will be gone by the end of October 2020. So we encourage you to register your interest to avoid missing out on these wonderful South Australian property investments.