• Pre Purchase Inspections in Semaphore

  • There are many things to consider when buying or selling a new property, is thew location suitable? Is the price right? Is it the right colour? But something that many people over look is the overall condition of the structure. Building & Pest Inspectors is your professional team when you need someone to give you honest and reliable knowledge on the condition of your home or building. We offer pre purchase, building and pest inspection throughput Semaphore 5019. We have a wealth of knowledge and over 25 years experience helping people know exactly what they are buying and selling, and helping them make informed decisions based upon our reports.

    You will also obtain your inspection report the same day as the inspection, so there is no waiting around. Call us today on 0401 943 974

  • Pre Purchase and Building Inspections

    Are you buying or selling? The most appealing home may be hiding some serious and significant problems that can be easily missed by the untrained eye. Our pre purchase building inspections carried out by our professional team will help identify these problems to you. 

    Our team will look over every aspect of the property to look for things like structural damage, plumbing and electrical issues, floor and roof problems and even the tiniest details like window seal damage. We will provide you with a detailed and easy to read report based on what we find so you can make the right decision. Learning about any significant defects and the general overall condition of the property gives you the comfort of knowing that you are making the right informed choice and can give you a better negotiation position when selling or buying a property.

    We also will supply you with your extensive report on the same day that the inspection takes place. This way you will not have to spend days waiting around to make your choice. We will also offer anyone who combines their pre purchase building inspection with our termite and pest inspection $100 off the initial cost to save you money. 

  • Termite and Pest Inspections

    Most people never think about termites or other pests living within the walls of their homes, it is something that most would rather overlook. But if not detected and taken acre of early, termites and other wood burrowers can cause significant structural and financial damage in the years to come.

    We offer one of the best termite and pest inspections in the business. We have state of the art technology called Termartrac T3i which is a highly sensitive x-ray machine that can find the exact location and even breeding ground of any termites and pests that may be causing damage to the property.  We can then provide you with a report and advice on the best solution to getting rid of them, or whether you should just move on and find another property to invest in. 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    At some point during your fabulous home life, problems like burst pipes, broken lights and even gas leaks will probably occur, luckily, when you have a full price inspection with us, you can make full use of our 24/7 emergency service through our 1300 number, and the first 12 moths is absolutely FREE. We will connect you to the exact same inspector that looked at you property, and he will find and source the best trades person to fix what ever problems you may be having in the timeliest manner available. This service can be used at any time, so don’t hesitate to call day or night to have your property problems fixed.