• Mechanics in Dernancourt

  • Mechanics Dernancourt

    Looking for a reliable mechanic and you live or work in Dernancourt, SA 5075? The Glynde Garage is your best port of call; they specialise in all facets of motor mechanics. Now, under new management, they are your local automechanical workshop. Located at 39 Provident Avenue, Glynde; and competitively priced, you will enjoy their trustworthy and top quality service. A good mechanic can be worth their weight in gold, when it comes to keeping your car on the road without breaking the bank. For log book servicing, vehicle inspections, tyres, wheel alignment, brakes, A/C service and 4WD’s are welcome, Glynde Garage. Please call 08 8337 4686 or Click Here to email them.

  • Brake Service & Repairs

    Don’t risk your brakes and the safety of your family and friends in Dernancourt, Adelaide. Let Glynde Garage check your car’s braking capacity and replace them where necessary. Caliper servicing and overhaul, wheel cylinder replacements, hydraulic service and disc rotors all serviced and replaced at competitive prices. Stay safe on our roads with brakes that work perfectly.

  • Vehicle Inspections

    Get your car or 4WD inspected and receive a comprehensive written report. Glynde Garage will perform a test drive, check everything under the bonnet, plus brakes, steering and suspension, exhaust and tyres. A thorough vehicle and safety inspection for your driving peace of mind.

  • Log Book Servicing

    Glynde Garage can perform your log book service, checking all aspects of your automobile’s functioning to maintain optimum driving performance. Regular servicing can extend engine life, reduce fuel consumption, slow down wear and tear, improve road worthiness and maintain the resale value of your car.

  • 4WD Repairs & Service

    Your Glynde Garage mechanic can repair and service your Dernancourt 4WD vehicle. From suspension to drive-train repairs and all facets of the 4WD and SUV, including Pre-trip inspections. When you want to know that it will go, when you most need it, let the experts at Glynde Garage Mechanical Repairs check it out. Explore South Australia and the rest of the continent knowing that your 4WD is in tip top shape.

  • Tyres

    Get your tyres fitted at Glynde Garage for less, plus wheel alignment. They offer great deals on a wide range of tyres for all makes and models.

  • Air Conditioning Service

    South Australian conditions demand fully functioning air conditioning in your car. A/Cs require regular servicing to maintain their optimum performance. Your car’s A/C might only be providing you with a fraction of what it is supposed to. Glynde Garage can service and repair your air con for less.

  • Project Cars

    Glynde Garage also specialise in finishing project cars for their customers. If you have a labour of love in your shed or carport and would like to see it reach its zenith and hit the road, talk to your local mechanic at Glynde Garage.