• Re Roof Southern Suburbs

  • Re Roofing in the Southern Suburbs

    Let our professional roofing team take care of your roof. It’ll look brand new, after we’ve been up there on it. We specialise in all areas of re-roofing and restorations so get in touch with us today. At No Bull Roofing & Cladding, we’re in business so you can get the most out of your roof. Your home is your biggest investment, and your roof makes up a large portion of it. Let us fix broken tiles, replace gutters, extend your roof or help you with anything else. Call us now. We’ll come out to your home in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. We’re available Monday to Sunday for any of your maintainance and installations. 

  • Does my roof need repairing?

    Do you need a new roof? The key is to have your roof inspected regularly so you know the state it’s in. Avoid costly repairs down the road by working with us, No Bull Roofing & Cladding.

    There are a few ways we’ll be able to tell whether it’s time to repair or restore. We’ll get up on your roof and look out for things like:

    • Places where the roof is sagging
    • Signs of water damage or leaking
    • Dark spots and trails
    • Outside light showing through the roof
    • Scan the roof for loose material or wear
    • Check for signs of moisture, rot or mould
    • Examine the drainage to ensure gutters are securely attached. 
  • About No Bull Roofing & Cladding

    While we specialise in re-roofing, roof repairs and restorations, we care about the overall health of your roof. This is why we can also assist with:

    • New Colorbond roofs
    • Extensions
    • Gutter replacement
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Gutter guard
    • Downpipes
    • Steel wall cladding
    • Stormwater collection
    • Capping
    • Flashing
    • Pergolas and sheds.
  • Roof re-pointing & bedding

    Roof re-pointing and bedding are essential parts of your roof’s structure and require regular maintenance. Bedding is what holds the roof tiles in place. Over time, natural wear occurs, which leads to loose tiles. If the bedding isn’t maintained, it may crack or fall away. As a result, your roof becomes unsecured. Don’t expose your home to damage. Our team are re-bedding specialists. Call us instead to discuss roof re-pointing. Once we re-bed your roof, it’ll provide a strong layer of protection to increase the life of your roof. Book in your free quote today.

    For any type of roof enquiry, reach out to us today.