• Financial Planners Craigmore

    Located in the Craigmore area, the consultants at Personal Finance Solutions provide expert and experienced wealth advice to the people of the northern suburbs. We have a simple but highly effective philosophy about financial planning that focuses on the individual needs of our clients. Everyone has different financial circumstances and PFS recognises that a one size fits all approach will never work for wealth management; we take the time to understand your situation and will start by asking about your goals before tailoring a plan to meet your specific needs. Give us a call today.

  • Retirement Planning

    Whatever your stage of life, retirement is an important concern and there are many questions that require careful consideration. PFS have years of industry experience and can provide the right advice when you weigh up the complexities of planning for your life after work. Our first step will be to ask you what you want in retirement, and then carefully looking at your unique economic circumstances, we will develop a strategy to help you to meet your goals and live your retirement dream. Perhaps you want to go part time and ease into retirement, we can also assist you there through putting together an effective transition strategy.

  • Self Managed Super Funds

    As well as providing advice on industry and retail superannuation schemes, PFS specialise in advice about self managing your super. In line with our guiding principle, we will carefully examine your unique financial circumstances and give you the best advice, as this approach will not necessarily suit every client. But for those who have the time and the desire to control their finances, a Self Managed Superannuation Fund can represent fantastic value, and we will give the right investment advice to make this a success.

  • Wealth and Business Protection

    Measures to protect your wealth, both personal and business, are another important consideration that PFS has the experience to help you with. Effective financial planning is not just about managing and accumulating wealth when things are going well, but also about taking into consideration what might happen if circumstances change. We can a help you sort through issues such as income protection and life insurance to secure your hard earned personal wealth. Equally, we can take you through business security strategies to ensure the enduring prosperity of your business should the unexpected occur.

  • About Personal Financial Solutions

    Robert and the team at PFS offer years of experience in the finance industry. Conveniently located near Craigmore and servicing the northern suburbs, Personal Financial Solutions, as an authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited, has the all the financial planning resources to meet your individual needs.Appointments can be booked at a time and place convenient to you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.