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    Depending on the expanse and climate of the area requiring irrigation, Gawler Irrigation can provide a solution for you. They are market leaders in sub-surface irrigation, and they have perfected a process to ensure the job is quick, quality and long lasting. Sub-surface irrigation is a system which is designed to suit a range of soil textures. It is environmentally friendly, because it significantly reduces water usage by delivering the water directly to the plant’s root zone. The technology also lowers the on-going operational costs and improves the quality, value and aesthetics of the land. Gawler Irrigation can install sub-surface irrigation which will last for decades, vastly improving the land value and the well being of the soil, plants and the community.

    The way sub-surface irrigation works, is that the water is applied beneath the surface, creating an artificial table. This moisture moves towards the surface, causing minimal evaporation loss, and is an environmentally and economically sound solution to watering crops, sports fields, domestic gardens, school playgrounds and community areas.

    There are many advantages to sub-surface irrigation. For starters, it’s a really efficient use of water, because surface runoff and soil evaporation are reduced or they can even be eliminated completely. There is better water control because the water application is more uniform, which causes less wastage. You will save time and money with the automation of the irrigation because it decreases energy costs.

    The design of sub-surface irrigation is flexible, and Gawler Irrigation can also discuss with you the benefit of the flexibility of the design of design a full system for sports fields, playgrounds, council areas, median strips or community areas. This kind of irrigation can maintain the appeal of the area, as well as provide an economic and environmentally healthy solution to watering.

    All Your Irrigation Needs

    The team at Gawler Irrigation have been in the business for 20 years and have managed projects all around the Eyre Peninsula and surrounding regions. They area willing to travel to any area to find the best solution for your irrigation. Because they’re local, conveniently located at Willaston, they know the area, the soil conditions and the climate. With this knowledge, they can design a system to suit the project.

    Some of the many projects they have undertaken have been Tenant Creek Main Street, Flinders View Primary School oval, Port Pirie Council skate park, Balaklava High School oval, Tumby Bay beachfront and Whyalla islands.

    Using only quality equipment and products, the irrigation specialists near Eyre Peninsula are a recommended dealer of brands like Toro, Iplex Pipelines, Hr Products, Pentax Pumps Philmac, Hr Products, PPI and Guyco.

    No job is too big or small, so Gawler Irrigation will find the best system to suit any area such as sports ovals, councils, schools and commercial properties, they also service small, domestic applications.

    From tubes to trenching, pumps to ploughs and design to drip systems, Gawler Irrigation have got you covered.

    The team have covered a lot of ground in the north, and they’ve irrigated it too! They’ve designed systems all over the Eyre Peninsula, the Adelaide Hills region and Barossa Valley for many years and pride themselves on being specialists in the field.

    Using vibrating ploughs to install sub-surface irrigation and lay cables,the team will design and install sprinkler sub-surface irrigation systems, which are great for ovals, parks and playing fields.

    Complete Design Service

    Gawler Irrigation will design your entire irrigation system, even giving away a free, in house design service for all domestic systems. Drop in to the store at Willaston to talk about the best design system for your project. Designing an irrigation is not an easy job, but Gawler Irrigation take pride in their ability to design an entire system for any job.


    Trenching requires the best equipment to ensure the job is done quickly and without causing too much disturbance to the area. Gawler Irrigation have the products and machinery to suit any job or job conditions, using vibrating ploughs for sub-surface irrigation and cable laying – the Ditch Witch RT45 – to make sure there is a fast and efficient turnaround on your project.

    There is a specially fabricated blade on a vibrating plough, which places the drip tube in the turf without disturbing the surface.The vibratingensures less soil disturbance, allowing the ground to return to normal faster. Light machinery is used, which has less impact on the soil, allowing for greater recovery. Gawler Irrigation use the latest machinery available, which is well maintained and serviced so you know you’re getting the best.

    New Home Irrigation

    A new home is an exciting thing, but what about the outside? Finding the best way to maintain it without spending all of your time and money on watering would be ideal. Luckily, Gawler Irrigation will design and install a system for you, which means you can get on with enjoying life in your new home. Offering a free in-house design service, Gawler Irrigation will go the extra mile to complete the domestic irrigation job at your new house.

    Servicing all areas in Australia

    With twenty years’ experience in the business, Gawler Irrigation pride themselves on their high level service, quality workmanship and a range of top shelf products. They will travel to any area in Australia to design and install an irrigation system to suit your home, business, community area or commercial property

    Servicing all areas in Australia from country to city, Gawler Irrigation will complete any job, big or small and ensure your project is completed right the first time, every time, within the timeframe and budget. Contact Gawler Irrigation today to discuss your irrigation needs.