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  • Panini Brothers Bakery

    When it comes to bakeries, some really do take the cake. And Panini Brothers are one of these mouth-watering bakeries. With our slogan “a fresh slice of Italy”, people from Glynde and surrounding suburbs come to visit us looking for good food – at 2/4 Jan Street Newton.

    Italian-style bakery

    Panini Brothers are an Aussie bakery with an Italian spin. We specialise in Italian home-style breads, pizza, focaccias, and continental cakes. Glynde locals pop in daily for our pies, pasties, cakes, breads and drinks. We also arrange our bakery food for special occasions, so think about us on your next event. We can cater all of your food for you.

    About Panini Brothers

    Open seven days, Panini Brothers bakery and café makes authentic Italian-style bakery food accessible to you. We’ve been open for over a decade, and we continue to operate as a family business. Famous locally for our delicious bakery food, we continue to grow – using local products and ingredients. Our cooking skills have been taught to us, by our parents and grandparents – so you know you’re going to get real Italian cakes, pastries, and breads.

    Gourmet pizza

    Creating home-style pizza is an art. We take out our special dough recipe, and begin by kneading and stretching each pizza, by hand. We add local ingredients and topping before baking in our unique stone-based ovens. This forms either a slim or thick crisp crust… you choose!

    We have over 30 different types of pizzas and bruschetta. Small, medium, big – it’s up to you. Here are the sorts of things that you can add to your pizza or bruschetta.

    • Salami, olive, cheese and mushroom
    • Salami and cheese
    • Salami, cheese and mushroom
    • Ham, cheese and olive
    • Ham, cheese and pineapple
    • Ham and pineapple
    • Potato, onion and rosemary
    • Mushroom, capsicum and cheese
    • Eggplant, cheese and artichoke
    • Cheese and zucchini.

    Whatever you want on it, we can make it.

    And our gourmet panini? Well, it’s important that the sandwich is made from bread, but not normal bread. We might use ciabatta, baguette, or our own Panini rolls. But the secret to a good Panini is the fillings. We’re talking salami, ham, cheese… the list goes on. We can toast or simply warm your Panini – both are delicious.

    So, the next time you’re at home in Glynde and hungry – come and visit us, at Panini Brothers. We’re just around the corner.