• Window Cleaning in Morphett Vale

  • If you’re looking for the best window cleaning service in the Morphett Vale 5162 area, then look no further. Cleaning is our passion, and that will always show through our work. We can handle anything from homes, businesses, cafes, restaurants and shops. We are passionate about what we do and are constantly looking for better ways to improve our service to our customers. We know that without our customer’s loyalty, we would not be the successful business we are today

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  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning

    Light can play a vital role in your leisure or business time in your home or business, this is why is it is important to have your windows glistening all of the time. Over the years glass will build up a layer of dirt and dust that can be hard to remove, this is why we will come to your home or business and give them the overdue scrubbing that they have been wanting. We use the industries best quality products to ensure that there are no streaks or scratches, and that they will be able to stay and clear and vibrant for as long as they can.

  • Restaurant and Café Cleaning

    Have you ever been in a café or restaurant where the atmosphere is great, the food or café is fantastic, but you’re looking our a dirt and dust covered window? Many people have. If you own a café or restaurant, then it is vital that you provide the best setting for your customers. WE cater to any café or restaurant of nay size, no matter how big or awkwardly positioned you windows may be. Give your customers and patrons the experience of a lifetime by giving them the best view possible.

    Other Services

    Have your electricity and gas bills been a bit higher than they usually are even though you have solar panels on your home or business? This can be caused by a large build up of dirt and debris on your solar panels, causing them to not be able to absorb as much sun light as they should. We provide an extensive panel cleaning service in which we will scrub, clean and dry all of your solar panels using the safest methods possible, to ensure that your panels are utilising the sun as much as possible. This is maximising the potential of your panels while also lowering your bills in the long run.

    Flies, they are one of life’s creations that they could have left out. They come into your home or business and they just don’t leave. This is usually due to having broken or damaged fly screen mesh on your doors and windows, and it can be a pain to try and replace them. We can remove and install new, top quality mesh with little fuss so you can go back to doing the things you enjoy doing, without having to worry about pesky inspects bothering you. 

  • Why Choose Us?

    With well over 20 years experience in the industry, and some big clients like Adelaide Hospital, we have built up an outstanding reputation for ourselves. We put quality above profit and make sure that every little detail is met within every job. We make sure that we bring out the best in your windows, all while having a smile on our faces the entire time.

    We do also provide discount to pensioners so you can have your home windows cleaned at a reduced rate. If you want the best fully insured cleaners for the best price, then we are the business for you. We do accept every major credit card including Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Eftpos.