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    At Aquaguard Australia, we use the highest quality products to install long-lasting gutter guard systems in Blackwood – one of Adelaide’s leafiest suburbs.

    Talk to us about re-roofing and heat reflective coating. These services are great when a roof restoration isn’t enough and you need to have it replaced –
    or if you want to restore your old roof to its former glory and improve heat reflection by up to 50%. We can also help with improve security and level the temperature of your home with roller shutters.

  • How do Gutter Guards Work?

    A gutter guard’s main purpose is to prevent debris in gutters. In Blackwood, one of the leafiest suburbs in Australia, this is especially important, as leaf build up can lead to a fire hazard.

    There are many types of gutter protection systems on the market today, but only the Aquaguard system is the best at guarding your gutters and protecting your home.

    Over-the-gutter systems form a physical guard to stop leaves and debris coming into the gutters. These systems offer a long-term solution to prevent blockage. They are most commonly constructed of steel or aluminium mesh, which takes care of itself year-round. There is little maintenance.

    This approach uses a “ski-slope” design – which means exactly what it sounds like. The wind blows the debris and leaves down off the roof and the water is drawn through the mesh guard into the gutter. This is an extremely practical and efficient design.

  • About Aquaguard Australia

    Our year-round low-maintenance system keeps your gutters from getting blocked. Never have to clean your cloggy, sagging gutters again, with AquaGuard. Our guard’s boast a fine mesh that that extends the roofline to the outer edge of the gutter, which means those pesky leaves and other debris stand no chance. You also don’t have to risk your life and limb to climb onto your roof twice a year to manually empty your gutters.

  • Improve the quality of your water

    Using Aquaguard, you can kill two birds with one stone: remove unwanted debris from your roof and improve your rainwater. Why not make the most of your expensive tank water systems and invest in a roofing system that will save you money and time.

    Our award-winning gutter guards are designed so that they improve the quality and quantity of tank water systems. You maximise retention of fresher water during storm season.

    All of our products look great on your roof, work hard to do its job and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They are suitable for all types of properties, including houses.

    Click over to our online quoting form and receive 20% off of your gutter system if you live in Blackwood.

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