• Roof Tiling St Georges

    St Georges is one of Adelaide's most prestigious suburbs. Situated in the Burnside council off Portrush Road, between Glenunga and Glen Osmond, St Georges is home to some of South Australia's finest mansions.
    If you have a quality home in St Georges and need roof restoration work done, then contact us. We conduct all forms of roof repairs and are the specialists in Roof tiling. We have worked tiled roofs on some of the finest homes in the area, and therefore know what home owners want. At Riverside Roofing we always conduct our roof repairs with the utmost skill and pride.

  • Roof Restoration St Georges 5064

    At Riverside Roofing, roof tilers in St Georges, our method of roofing repairs will depend on the client, the age of the home, the type of roof, and working out a plan with the home owner. Typically though it involves a pressure cleaning of the area, replacing roofing tiles, and then mortaring the ridgecapping in place.

    Our company owner, Mark, who also undertakes work on your home will go through this work with the home owner. Mark has over 25 years of experience as a roof tiler, and is an expert in matching terracotta roof tiles to your original tiles. Mark can also replace concrete roof tiles as well.

  • Tiled Roofing Repairs St Georges

    Whilst Riverside Roofing do repair colorbond roofs, our speciality in St Georges is repairing tiled roofing. Tiled roofs do tend to accumulate lichens and other sediment, they can break, and they can also become loose. We would assess any loose roof tiles and replace any broken ones before starting work.

  • Existing Roofs

    We work on restoring your existing roof. Usually with a great clean up of the roof tiles themselves, followed by tile replacement.

    When you deal with Mark, a roof tiling expert, you can rest assured he will find the best replacement roofing tiles for your repairs.

    We then finish off by mortaring and re ridging to give a strong finish that looks appealing.

  • New Roofs St Georges

    Mark from Riverside Roofing also does brand new roofs and roofing extensions. So if you are looking for a classy tiled roof in St Georges, or anywhere in Adelaide, contact Mark of Riverside for a free quote.

    Riverside Roofing can do new terracotta tiles and new concrete tiles for your roof.

  • Estensions on Roofs - St Georges

    If you are adding on to your existing home, then you'll need a great roof tiler with 25 plus years experience. By dealing with Mark, you're talking to a trades person, not a salesperson.

    Mark has done many roofing extensions with a specialty of terracotta or concrete tiles depending on your personal preference.

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