• Eyelash Extensions Modbury

    The Doll House caters to your every beauty desire and whim. Masters in pampering patrons from Modbury and surrounds, we seek to surpass the level of expectation in all facets of beauty and anti ageing and particularly, eyelash extensions and eyebrow work. Increasing popularity in this area has been well served by our qualified and expert eyelash extension technicians. Looks ranging from natural to dramatic and everything in between can be achieved at one appointment and maintained year round for consistently beautiful lashes. Adept at other eye services such as eyebrow shaping, threading, tinting and waxing, we aim to improve your outward view as well as priming the view the outside has aesthetically of you. 

  • Eyelash Extensions Experts

    Beauty treatments undertaken by the qualified and skilled technicians at The Doll House will uplift your looks and your spirit. And who doesn’t want that? You look good, you feel good; they go hand in hand. With our expert hands at your service, we will assess your wants and needs, answer your every question, explain the procedure of your eyelash extension and provide ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction with your new uplifting look. Each eyelash extension is applied with adhesive to your natural eyelashes, with a full set taking approximately 2 hours. Your individual hair growth will ultimately determine the life of your eyelash extensions, however most lashes will last for six to eight weeks. We recommend maintenance appointments every three to four weeks to ensure maximum effect and longevity.

  • Beauty Salon Expertise

    The Doll House brings over 20 years of experience in delivering unrivalled service at the highest quality. Our team of qualified professionals seek to treat you in only ways that we can, whether manicuring your hands and nails, pedicuring your feet, massaging your woes and weary frame, spraying you top to toe, revitalising you inside and out, our services are countless and our delivery exceptional. Eyelash extensions add a special dimension to your overall look and we are here to assist you in achieving and maintaining the look you desire. 

  • Premium Products and Prowess

    Outstanding results are only going to be gained when using superior products combined with quality service and application. World renowned products including the use of silk, synthetic and mink lashes ranging from 6mm to 17mm applied with safe and non-reactive adhesives by first class technicians and you have a recipe for extraordinary eyelash extensions. We challenge you from Modbury and across Adelaide to visit The Doll House at North Adelaide to answer your calling from your feminine side and get ready to flutter those lashes to your advantage!!