• Air Conditioning Henley Beach

    Are you sweating it out during the warmer months because you don’t have the quality cooling that you deserve in your residential home or commercial business? If you answered yes then it may be time to have a cooling and heating systems installed by us at Mueller. We can provide and install range of models and makes from split system, ducted systems, and evaporator systems to give you home or office the cooling it needs during summer and the warming it needs during winter. If you currently have a system that is starting to malfunction or not work as efficiently as it should be, we have a team that is on call 24/7 and can come to your residential home or commercial business and have the issue resolved on the same day. We assure you that we will offer you the most competitive price, friendliest service and most reliable work that is second to none.

    If your would like to have your home or business cooled to the best temperatures, then call us today and speak to our amazing team about having your electrical issues solved straight away.

  • Split Systems & Ducted

    When it comes to choosing the right heating and cooling for your home or business, sometimes it can be a bit confusing on which is the best system for you. When it comes to the ever changing Australian climate that we are presented with, a simple portable fan or heater will simply not do. The best type of setup to have for your home or business is either a split system or ducted heating and cooling system. These two choices provide the maximum amount or air flow throughout your premises and will ensure that every room you have it installed in will stay chilly cold or beautifully warm equally. They are also the smartest option as we only stock and install the most energy efficient brands and will guarantee you that they will save you money on your power bills over using power consuming portable systems.

  • A/C Servicing, Repairs & Installation

    You may not realise it but having your heating and cooling system serviced regularly will not only prolong its life, but it will ensure that you are getting the most benefit from it. Over time the vents, pipes and filters can become dirty and clogged up, preventing air from coming through the system. We recommend having your heating and cooling systems serviced at least every 12 months by us at Mueller. We will look over everything and make sure that it is running to its absolute potential. If yours has broken down completely, there is a high chance we will be able to completely fix it so you don’t have to purchase an entirely new system. We can service and repair all make sand models including Fujitsu, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and LG and a wide host of others. So no matter what you have, we can fix it.


    Wall Splits Installed from $1,299 &
    Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems from $4,999

  • Save Money & Become a Priority Member

    If you’re a business owner and want to make sure that your buildings cooling and heating system is fully operational all year round, then become a priority member and we can provide you with a valuable service. This will ensure that we stop by your company once a year and fully service and check your system for any damage or faults. We will inspect everything from the vents, fins, motor and filters to ensure that they are all working and proving your building with the maximum amount of air flow, cooling and heating. This will save you enormous amount of $$$ in the long run and prevent any issues that could cause a future break down during the worst possible time.

  • Talk to Mueller Services

    Are you looking for an air conditioning specialist in Henley Beach? Mueller Services provide the full range of refrigeration and mechanical servicing, installation and repairs for all makes and models of air conditioners. Adelaide is a city defined by its seasons; it is hot in summer and cold in winter. Dependable reverse cycle air conditioning is an essential in this climate; and all South Australians understand the benefits it brings. Make sure that your air conditioning is working at its optimal level and that your air con is up to the job.

  • Ducted Reverse Cycle Air

    Are you in the market for a ducted air conditioning unit for your Henley Beach home or business? Mueller Services can supply and install a ducted reverse cycle air con system, which will integrate your entire home, cooling and warming every room. Prices start at $4,999 for the complete air conditioning experience.

  • Is it Time for a Replacement Air Con?

    Technology does not stand still, and giant strides in efficiency have been made in recent years. Is your old unit performing satisfactorily? Are you getting the full benefit of what you are paying for in reduced power charges? Inefficiency and poorly working air con can cost you big dollars, whilst keeping you hot under the collar. It might be time to put your old air conditioner out to pasture and upgrade to a model that will transform your summers and winters. A new air conditioner can actually save you money in operating costs.

  • Great Deals on Air Conditioners

    Mueller Services not only service and repair all types of air con units; they also can supply you with a variety of types of air conditioners. Mueller Services in Henley Beach have great deals on air con. They can supply and install a wall mounted split system air conditioner, from a leading brand, from as little as $1299. You will enjoy the cooling effects in summer and be able to warm up in winter at the push of a button. A new air conditioner will change the colour of your day. Come and visit the Mueller Services showroom and discover our great range of air conditioners; you can try before you buy!

  • Air Conditioner Servicing

    Servicing your air conditioner is just like servicing your car; it greatly enhances the functioning and effectiveness of your air con unit. Mueller Services have a super special on their Air Conditioning Service for residents of Henley Beach and surrounding suburbs. A qualified specialist will come to your home or business and service your air con unit for low prices. A good service cannot only improve performance but also increase the unit’s durability.