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    When you are undertaking a renovation, chances are you've worked out the colour schemes, materials, and budget. The last thing though is finding the right contractor to tile your vision and bring your renovation to life. FAWCETT can help you make this decision. Choosing a tiler need not be a daunting task. Adelaide tilers, FAWCETT are leading Adelaide tiling experts. You can call them direct by using the click to call button or dial 1300 329 238 .

  • Tilers in Adelaide

    Most tile layers refer to themselves as wall and floor tilers. This covers off on bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling and flooring work. If you have a specific job in mind for FAWCETT, number one tilers Adelaide it is a good idea to explain in detail what the job requires, what areas you are working with, and what tile selections you have made. Not all contractors will work with every single type of tile. There are some who refuse to touch porcelain tiles due to their unforgiving nature if not laid perfectly even. There are also tilers who will disagree with the size of tiles in certain areas for logistical reasons. FAWCETT work with all types of tiles and are very accommodating of unique plans.

  • Tips for Selecting a Quality Tiling Contractor

    Choose a tiler from FAWCETT, that's the first tip. They employ their own workers to ensure quality. It's far better than having your job subcontracted out to just anybody. By employing their own tilers they manage quality and control the process. This ensures your bathroom renovation is top notch. Choose the floor tiler with a great reputation, choose FAWCETT.

  • Bathroom Tilers Adelaide

    Bathroom tiling is more complicated than large areas of floor. It requires a talented and patient operator like the experts at FAWCETT. First of all the base preparation is very important. The screeding must be done so that water will fall slightly in the direction of the drains. This is a skill in its own right. Secondly, the surfaces must be properly waterproofed. In my experience one of the biggest problems has been with improper waterproofing of the wet areas. This can cause moisture to get in behind the tiles and affect the supporting structure. The third skill in bathroom tiling is working with a lot of cuts and corners. If a tiler is presented with large floor tiles near a drain, they must cut them to get the fall right. They must cut and mitre edges, especially around nib walls or soap and shampoo niches. The degree of difficulty in a bathroom tiling job is much higher than that of a large flat floor. It is more time consuming, and therefore is likely to demand a higher fee. Talk to Mark using the click to call button for more information. The tilers at FAWCETT know all the trade secrets and understand what it takes to complete a quality tiling job. For unrivaled quality, give them a call and ask for a free quote.

  • Floor Tilers

    Floor tiling, provided it is a large and even surface if much more desirable and faster to work on. A tiler can get through a large house floor in under a single day, where a bathroom with a similar surface area could take up to a week. Again, this is something that should be considered when receiving a quote. Not all metres are equal, and the price guide of cost per metre should be just that, a guide. For the most cost competitive quotes use the click to call button or the contact form to get in touch with FAWCETT. Free quotes in Adelaide.

  • What services does a Tiling Contractor Perform?

    A tiler must possess the skills to mix grout to a good consistency, use initiative to place cuts in the most aesthetic places, and have the foresight to envisage where the joins will finish at the end of a wall. They must be good at preparing a good base to lay tiles on, with enough fall for water drainage, but not too much that it is visible. They must be adept at waterproofing, this is one of the most underrated jobs they must do, as waterproofing is what will ensure the integrity of the structure behind the visible work. They must be able to cut and lay tiles evenly and smoothly. Some such as porcelain are very unforgiving because of their highly reflective surface, so getting these perfectly even is an important skill. Then comes the grouting. Grout must be mixes to the right consistency (like toothpaste) and applied evenly. Once dried them silicone can be applied on the corners and joins that are prone to slight movement. At FAWCETT you can be assured that their highly experienced wall and floor tilers will do all of these tasks with pride and the highest level of workmanship.

  • Find local tradesman near me

    If you're looking for a local contractor then click on the link above to call Mark of FAWCETT. Working in South Australia for over 2 decades and conducting renovations on some of Adelaide's most prestigious homes, FAWCETT are not only SA locals, but highly talented and qualified tradespeople.

  • How much do Tile Layers Cost?

    Each tiling contractor will charge differently. Some may charge more because they have a busy workload, or are experienced. Some may charge more per metre because of the degree of difficulty involved in the metres to be tiled. Are there mitre joins? Are there a lot of angles or cuts? It's impossible to get an accurate quote unless the contractor comes out and physically sees your job. This is because plans don't always show the full picture.

    A good tiler like FAWCETT will fix up uneven surfaces, this may be an extra cost, but is vital base preparation in order to ensure a high quality finish. These are just some of the factors that are involved in a tiling quote rather than a simple cost per metre quote.

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