• Solar in Salisbury

  • Greener Housing Solutions are in the business of saving money for our clients, saving time on doing our clients solar energy systems research and groundwork as well as making savings for the future of our global environment. Spreading this beneficial information to our valuable customers in Salisbury helps us increase our footprint on the number of homes realising these rewards as well as decreasing our combined volume of gas emissions and usage of fossil fuels. Greener Housing Solutions is a South Australian company, owned and operated for more than 10 years by Darren English. Clean Energy Council accredited and operating with only the best, appropriately licensed and skilled electricians, our scope of work covers conventional electrical jobs with our focus on solar energy system installations and upgrades.

  • Energy Source

    Solar energy is a renewable energy source produced when the sun’s rays are converted into energy. The rays of the sun beam down on to the panels which are created with many photovoltaic cells which convert the light into energy. Sunlight will not be disappearing anytime soon which is great to know as the popularity of energy is increasing as an alternative energy source. This energy from the sun is converted into electricity and used to heat air, water or other fluids. The more panels that are fitted will result in more energy being generated. Greener Housing Solutions have fitted countless panels to countless homes and look forward to fitting panels to your home or business very soon.

  • Greener Housing Solutions Services

    We offer unbeatable customer service and begin this with a complimentary consultation and free quote. We are passionate about installing the best solar energy systems and having these systems functioning efficiently and economically for our customers. To ensure this outcome, Darren English designs our energy systems and pays special attention to the unique features of each property. Once installed, we are available to service and repair your energy system as required, clean the panels to ensure the most effective energy conversion is taking place and to add to the system or upgrade depending on changes to either your lifestyle needs or through changes to the technology in energy systems. We are available to discuss and install battery backup systems to provide further benefits to your system including the potential to eliminate your electricity bill. We can also advise on newer systems of solar energy sources such as using Micro Inverters. 

    In addition to our expert knowledge and skill regarding the installing of solar energy systems, our interest in green housing solutions extends to the supply and installation of ‘ecoflo’ heating and cooling systems, supplying and securing premium poly rainwater tanks and fitting efficient LED lighting as well as attending to general electrical jobs.

    We promise to deliver unequalled service, superior product knowledge, expedited installations and great value for money. Greener Housing Solutions look forward to receiving your enquiries in Salisbury today.