• Air Conditioning in Onkaparinga Hills

  • Live in Onkaparinga Hills? We’re your local air conditioning repairer. If you’re having any issues with your system, call us and we’ll come out to inspect it. We’ll quickly attend to the repairs, on the spot. At WHITE AIR SERVICES, we also work with people building new houses. This is the perfect time to integrate a ducted air conditioning system – a sleek cooling and heating system that gives you full control. Hidden in your roof or ceiling space, ducted systems are out of sight. We can also install this type of solution in your current home if there’s plenty of room for ducts. Electrical services are the second arm of our business. Talk to us about a complete air and electrical service. 

  • Split vs. ducted systems

    If space is limited, split air conditioners are a great choice. They’re made for houses where there’s no room in the roof or ceiling to install ducts. We install Fujitsu and Mitsubishi split systems regularly, so homeowners can control the climate in their own space. For a more integrated system, ducted is the best way to go. Fitted in available space in your roof or ceiling, ducted systems won’t interrupt your wall space. 

  • A/C servicing, installation & repairs

    For a small business, we offer a large range of A/C and electrical services – from construction and alterations to electrical repair and installations. We pride ourselves on our workmanship, professionalism, and our can-do attitude. Our clients tell us we’re friendly, reliable, and always extra mile. We don’t just give excellent advice and service but we aim to deliver all of this on time, on budget and to the highest industry standards. 

  • Reduce system running costs

    There are many strategies you can implement to manage your energy usage. Heating and cooling account for about 40% of your consumption, so follow these tips to save money:

    • Get the size right: Make sure you match the system size to your needs. It shouldn’t be too big or small.
    • Star ratings: The energy reviews matter. A model with higher stars will use less power. If you’re installing a new system, keep this in mind.
    • Use economy mode: Every system has one, but we don’t all use it. Set the thermostat to a comfortable, consistent temperature. This helps avoid the system working in overdrive, chewing up power.

    We’re your local team of air conditioning specialists in Onkaparinga Hills SA 5163.