• Mechanics Nailsworth

    Only 5km from the city, we’re your conveniently located mechanic repair shop. Using modern, innovative and proven processes (over out 35 years in business), we’re one of the most trusted mechanical teams in Adelaide. If you’re looking for help with auto transmissions, air conditioning, brakes, clutches, tyres, log book servicing or anything else, talk to us. Call us on                       for a free quote. We offer loan cars too, so you won’t have to wait around or ask someone to pick you up. You can continue with your day or week, while we service or repair your car. Close to Nailsworth 5083, bring your car in to us today. 

  • Servicing & repairing all cars makes & models

    We have the latest in diagnostic equipment, technology and up to date training which allows us to work with and specialise in the latest model of cars such as Mazda, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan and many others. We can look after all your vehicle needs from log book servicing, brakes, suspension, air conditioning, diagnostic, fuel injection, electrical, engine management, steering, clutch and tyres.

    Whether you’re looking for us to perform a regular check or undergo major repairs, we can help.

    Talk to us about:

    • Brakes
    • Suspension
    • Air conditioning
    • Diagnostic & electrical
    • Fuel injection
    • Engine management
    • Steering
    • Clutch
    • Tyres
    • Transmission
    • Engines & gearboxes
    • Timing belts
    • Batteries
    • Radiators & cooling systems
    • Log book servicing.

    Call us today for a free quote. 

  • Brake & clutch repairs

    Clutch design and technology is growing faster than ever. And our knowledge and skills have to develop alongside with it. At Louca Automotive, we take pride in our ongoing dedication to skill development. We remain at the forefront of the industry and we strive to always keep up with new technologies. We can inspect your clutch, rebuild it, and keep it in great condition through regular service and maintenance. 

    That goes for your brakes too. Whether you need testing and repairs, machining of discs rotors and brake drums, flywheel grinding or major restructuring of your disc brake calipers, use our team of brake and clutch experts.

    When to take my car in for a wheel alignment

    So, you’re driving down the freeway and your alignment is way out. Your steering wheel isn’t level because it needs to sit to the side to make sure you drive straight. This means your tyres aren’t pointing in the right direction. It affects everything, from your steering to your suspension, but most importantly your safety.

    Wheel alignment can be thrown off by:

    • Hitting the curb
    • Pot holes
    • Wear and tear – as your car ages, rubber components start to crack or loosen. They give a little too much. 

    Call us today for advice on keeping your wheels aligned. 

  • Bosch Service Centre

    When having servicing and maintenance undertaken on your car or vehicle, you want to make sure that you are picking a reliable company that is a specialist in their field. Some of the amazing services that we offer include

    Advanced Bosch vehicle diagnostics 

    Qualified trained technicians 

    Nationwide warranty

    Automotive replacement parts, where available

    Local pickup and delivery 

    Courtesy car by arrangement