• Air Conditioning in Athelstone

    If you are seeking an air-conditioning contractor in Athelstone, remember the name Mueller Air Conditioning. Their fully trained technicians are available 24 seven, for all your air conditioning requirements, both commercially and domestically. Combining electrical, refrigeration, plumbing and ducting skills, they have the know-how and the expertise to install and repair your air con unit quickly and effectively. With a fleet of mobile vans on the road, they are servicing Adelaide comprehensively. For all emergency breakdowns and air conditioning repairs, Mueller Air Conditioning is the speedy solution. Call 1300 MUELLER.

  • Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning

    Whether you are a business or a householder in Athelstone, Mueller Air Conditioning can fix your air con problems faster than the rest. For all ductair, evaporative, reverse cycle ducted, variable refrigerant systems, wall splits and ducted central heating, their technicians have the answers.

  • Energy Efficient Ducted & Split System

    Energy efficient air conditioning means savings for consumers and a better environment. New innovative technologies powering today’s air conditioning systems are delivering exceptional results. Your old air conditioner is probably costing you money. Talk to a Mueller Air Conditioning consultant today about the right kind of air conditioning for your particular situation.

  • About Mueller Air Conditioning

    Simon Mueller says,” I have built my business on the back of exceptional customer service. The people of Adelaide want to be assured that when their air conditioning breaks down someone will repair it fast; that’s what we do.” Mueller Air Conditioning guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Regular Servicing of Reverse Cycle Air

    All air conditioning systems require regular servicing to enhance their performance and ensure their longevity. Domestic reverse cycle air-conditioning must be serviced every 12 months. Failure to adequately service air con unit can result in voided warranties. Mueller Air Conditioning can service your domestic or commercial air con units in Athelstone.

  • Priority Customers Benefit

    Becoming a Priority Customer with Mueller Air Conditioning makes air conditioning servicing easy. They will take responsibility for your annual air conditioning service. Their technicians will get to know your particular air conditioning system, thus providing a better service. Priority Customers enjoy preventative maintenance, detailed planning and scheduling, which delivers air con system longevity and improved performance. Talk to one of their service managers today.

  • Free 3 Year Servicing in Athelstone

    When you purchase a new ducted reverse cycle system from Mueller Air Conditioning this month, you will receive a free three year servicing agreement, usually valued at $660. This special offer is available for residents and businesses in Athelstone. Call 1300 MUELLER today to find out more.