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  • Property Management Golden Grove

    If you’re seeking personalised, professional property management, Altus Property Management are the team for you. From commercial to residential leasing, Altus are a local, boutique, sophisticated realtor located near Golden Grove, who are ready to discuss your investment property with you.

    Give them a call, or drop into their new offices on Village Terrace, to talk about how they screen their tenants to find the perfect match for you and you investment; they communicate effectively and consistently with their clients and organise regular, routine inspections to ensure your property is well maintained and cared for.

  • Residential Leasing

    We understand that leasing your house or unit can be a difficult and stressful process. That’s why the highly skilled, thoroughly trained team at Altus work with you right from the start to give you the confidence to know your property is in good hands.
    We screen all prospective tenants, conduct regular routine inspections, ensure your property is well looked after and your investment is safe. Our team of professionals will keep you well informed about your property, and upkeep and maintenance will be a priority.
    Give us a call now to chat about your investment and how we can help you to make your property work for you.

  • Commercial Leasing

    Looking for management for a commercial property? Altus Property Management are here to help you find a tenant to ensure your warehouse, office, building, factory, you name it, is leased by a tenant who will get the most out of its facilities and features. We’re situated locally, right near Golden Grove, so we know the area and the people. Our local knowledge can make sure you get the best return on your investment. We work with you to take the stress out of leasing your commercial property so you can get on with more important things.

  • Realty Management by locals

    Close to Golden Grove and just near Main North Road, Altus Property Management are your locals in the north. We’re a small team, but we know our stuff and we can help you to ensure your residential or commercial property is cared for and leased by quality tenants. We communicate and liaise with our clients to create long lasting, professional relationships and we understand the culture and climate of our area, because we’re from the area. Drop by our new offices to chat about your investment property or portfolio today.