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  • Beds & Bedding West Lakes

    In the market for a new bed, or furniture, for your West Lake’s home? Let Bed e Buys bring amazing grace to the state of your place with prices that will truly inspire. You see, at Bed e Buys we build our own beds and furniture for South Australian conditions. That means we cut out the middle man to deliver you the most competitively priced quality bedding and furniture in Adelaide. Get gob smacked and be pleasantly pleased at our beautiful beds and designer furniture. Come and see our enormous range today.

  • Top Quality Bedding and Mattresses

    When you buy a bed you want to be the only person, or persons, making any noise in it. No one likes a noisy bed. At Bed e Buy we promise you, no squeaks just blessed silence in your West Lakes bedroom; as far as the bed is concerned anyway. Sleep deeply and sleep contentedly on one of our Australian made Bed e Buy’s beds.

  • Try Before You Buy

    Sink into one of our superb beds and try it before you buy. What do they say? The proof is in the pudding! Well, we don’t make cakes but we do make extremely good looking and great feeling beds. Don’t blush, just hush, and have a nice lie down. We guarantee that you will experience our unique point of difference; and we promise to be as quiet as mice. But there are no squeaks here!

  • Factory Direct Prices

    At Bed e Buys we offer factory direct prices and the reassurance of a family run business. Best prices and top quality bedding and furniture; without the middle man! Come and talk to us today and discover a world of bedding and furniture for your West Lake’s home or business.

  • Constructed furniture and bedding to Last from Solid Timber

    There are beds and there are beds; and then, there are Bed e Buy’s beds. The metal centre support rail makes a difference, so when we say you can lean on me, we mean it. When we say, you can jump on me, we mean it; kids love our beds! Rebated pine slats, means that the slats are rebated into the bolster on the side rail; so our slats don’t slip and move apart to form unsupportive gaps. You don’t want to be sleeping and feel like you are suspended over the Grand Canyon. Two words: MAXI-LOCK, make a hell of a difference to the strength and solidity of your Bed e Buy’s bed. The MAXI-LOCK fastened bracket system holds your bed frame, header and foot all securely together. You can sleep soundly tonight knowing that your bed is a lock. At Bed e Buys we have your

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