• Laser Tattoo Removal Reynella

  • Located just north of Reynella 5161, We focuses on providing quality, safe and pain free tattoo removal to all of our customers. As the experts in leading tattoo removal, we have made it our goal to provide the best, most affordable tattoo removal service and to show our customers that we care and put results above profits. 

    Our state of the art Yag Q Switch Laser machine will safely remove coloured tattoos leaving the skin flawless without any scaring what so ever. Our technicians can easily remove any tattoo design, no matter the size or style. We value our customers and work very hard to ensure their complete satisfaction.

    If you have an unwanted tattoo you want gone or covered up, contact us today and speak to us about removing or covering up that design that you can no longer look at. 

  • Laser Tattoo Removal

    So you hate your tattoo? You really wish you could turn back time and get rid of it, but you’re worried about the process? Well we are here to put those worries to rest. 

    Laser tattoo removal is a rather painless and easy process. We use a state of the art Yag Q Switch Laser machine which can remove any tattoo of any size and colour, regardless of the location. It’s and incredible safe procedure that will not damage your skin and will leave absolutely no scaring like older methods once did. The entire process can take anywhere from 5 to 15 sessions, obviously depending on the size and colour garment of your design.

    People always ask how painful the method is, naturally tattoos that have be inked onto the bone can cause a little discomfort, but overall, it’s no more painful than initially getting the tattoo, and if you can handle that, you can handle having it removed.  

  • Fading and Lightening for cover-ups

    Sometimes we get a tattoo that although we may have loved it at the moment, there came a time when you just don’t love it as much as you used to. We can help you transform that hated design, into something that you won’t help but to show off. We are passionate about cover ups and we will work with you to help design the perfect cover up for you. We tackle the hardest cover ups from those out dated tribal tattoos, lettering and complete sleeve designs. 

    Fading and cover ups work with the same process and removing a tattoo, just with less sessions. We will fade and lighten your unwanted design, not completely, just to the point where new ink can be drawn on top to achieve a fantastic new design without having to remove the old one completely. We can also re colour your faded ink to bring new life to it. 

  • How does the Process work?

    It’s been a myth for quite sometime that it’s near impossible to completely remove a tattoo without causing any damage to your skin, this is not true. We use a machine called the Yag Q Switch Laser which is one of the safest and most effective ways of getting rid of that unwanted ink while causing absolutely no damage. 

    During the process the laser is sends our pulses of light which are attracted to the pigments in the tattoo ink. It then breaks down the ink into particles, which gradually become smaller and smaller over time. Once broken up, the body can absorb and remove the particles which will then be expelled through the body’s natural cleansing cycle in the cleanest and safest possible way, leaving no trace of the tattoo.