• Swimming Pool Maintenance in West Lakes

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance West Lakes 

    Is your pool green? Do you need someone to clean it after the long winter we’ve had? Call Poolsmart. Think of us as a one-stop-shop for everything pool and spa related. We clean the water, repair or replace equipment, and renovate surrounding areas. Your pool should be a place of fun and relaxation. Let’s make sure it’s safe to swim in and isn’t costing you more than it should. Book us in to come out to your West Lakes SA 5021. We’ll work out a maintenance plan that suits your needs. Fill out the contact form or call us on 0418 111 182. 

  • Pool equipment

    Need pool equipment? We’ve got all the supplies and accessories you need at great prices. We have everything – pumps, filters, chlorinators, solar heaters, pool chemicals, automatic pool cleaners, LED lights, pool blankets, rollers, heat pumps, and small parts. We use all the major brands including Waterco, Zodiac, Hurlcon, Daley, Onga, and Kreepy Krawley. We’re also repair experts, so you can save money by choosing to repair not replace. We work on pumps, filters, chlorinators, and solar heating systems. During your free on-site quote, we’ll custom measure your pool and discuss the benefits of products such as pool blankets, leaf covers, and pool blanket rollers. 

  • About Poolsmart

    We 100% stand by our work. It’s our dedication to our customers that makes us stand out. We always arrive on time and we can help with any kind of pool problem – maintenance, construction, renovation, or equipment installation. We choose premium brands that offer generous warranties. This means you get more out of your investment. We look at your pool and its surrounding area as a whole, not just the pool water. There are many ways to ensure safety, including tiling and fencing around the pool. Ask us how we can help improve your pool.

  • Save money on my water costs

    Did you know average size pool can lose one and a half times the total volume during the year? A pool cover alone can save up to 10,000 litres of water per month. This is one simple strategy to save you money on water costs. Get your pool cover through us and we’ll custom make it for your pool. If you own a pool, it’s important to understand the ways you can save money.

    Organise your on-site pool care service today. We’ll come out to West Lakes. Call us on 0418 111 182.