• Air Conditioning Underdale

    Are you after an air conditioning technician in Underdale? For all your requirements in the inner suburbs of Adelaide, we are the number one company. Their team of experts can service, repair and install all makes and models of air conditioners. If you are thinking of buying a new system, they can advise you on the right type and the right size to match your requirements. Too small and it won’t do the job and too big and you are wasting energy.

  • Service, Sales, Installation & Repairs

    we do it all. from selling great brands, to installations, sales & repairs. Whatever is not 100% with your cooling system, talk to our expert today. A service will, in many cases, resurrect the performance of your air con unit; and prolong its working life. Get your air conditioner working properly this season and it will probably save you money on running costs; quite apart from keeping you cool or warm.

  • Comfort indoors in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn

    Reverse cycle air conditioning is the perfect match for the South Australian climate; cooling you in summer and warming you in winter. Adelaide is a city with some fierce temperature extremes; tame the conditions with reverse cycle air conditioning. Talk to our team about all the leading brands. Speak to us about the right make and model for your particular needs.

  • Fully Ducted

    The homes of the future will be fully ducted with reverse cycle air conditioning. Most new homes being built today have ducted air, and it is the choice of the majority of high end owners. we can supply and install this in your home or business from $4,999. Experience the bliss of climatic control in every room of your house. Individually adjust the temperature in your room to your desired level. Imagine how well you will sleep on summer nights.