• Wedding Photography in Adelaide

  • Wedding Photography Adelaide

    Film Noir Wedding Photography truly surpasses expectations with our stunning, cinematic photographic style. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and so we’re here to help capture every precious moment. With over 10 years of creating memories in Adelaide, our team is experienced and dedicated to making your day one to remember. Let Jerry & Ela share in the magic of your wedding. Book a consultation with Film Noir Wedding Photography today. 

  • The Film Noir Style

    The cinematic style of Film Noir Wedding Photography is unique. We aim to tell your individual love story through photos, similar to filmmaking. Our photos look as if they are stills taken from a romantic movie, with you and your partner in the leading roles. The photo shoot is completely natural for you, however our experience with framing, lighting and bokeh – the beautiful, soft blurring you’ll sometimes see in photos – gives your photo the cinematic feel people love.

    Cinematic style can be dramatic, rich and emotional, and creates depth and movement in the landscape. It’s a style people will stop and stare at. It’ll take your breath away. And most importantly, it will capture, forever, your perfect moment in time. 

  • Your Photographers

    Get to know the team at Film Noir Wedding Photography. We’re excited to bring our innovative and unique cinematic style of photography to the brides and grooms of Adelaide. We are a harmonious, dedicated team, one male and one female, to ensure and even balance of photos and perspectives.

    Ela Bozek

    Moving from Poland with her husband Sebastian and daughter Zoe, Ela is in love with Australia’s costal and camping lifestyle. She has a deep love for art, cinema, and of course, photography. When she’s not busy teaching art, graphic designing or being a mother, you’ll find Ela armed with a camera, looking for the ideal shot.

    Ela tends to use wide angle lenses during photo shoots so she can be more connected and personal with her subjects. She uses a combination of light, lenses and digital tools to create artful images of your day. Ela enjoys working with her business partner Jerry because they both have a passion for movies and creating cinematic photography – and they usually pick the same favourite photo from their shoots!

    Jerry Zimmer

    Jerry’s had a lifelong fascination with cinematography - some of his favourite works being The Godfather and Citizen Kane. He loves how stories and emotion can be portrayed by beautifully composed scenes through a camera. This cinematic approach spilled into his passion for photography. His photos are sequenced like a movie, with a range of shots and perspectives to tell the whole story.

    Jerry firmly believes that great photos are brought about by letting the bride and groom interact organically with each other – so heavy posing is not his style. He feels like he and Ela make a dynamic and harmonious team, with similar creative goals and values.  Jerry promises that you’ll love the stunning photos that the team at Film Noir Wedding Photography will create of your wedding day. 

  • Wedding Packages

    Film Noir photographers are excited to be part of your big day in Adelaide. We use Sony Mirrorless technology for stunning and clear images every time. You’ll have two experienced photographers capturing every moment of your day.

    We currently have an introductory offer of 25% off our 8 hour digital package - with a free engagement shoot. Included in the package is an initial consultation with Jerry and Ela to discuss your day and venue. Within two weeks of your wedding, we promise delivery of your images on a custom USB stick containing 450 colour corrected images, 150 of which are full creatively edited photos.

    Contact Film Noir Wedding Photography to take advantage of this offer and secure your date.