• Vet Clinic Modbury

    With our wide range of veterinary services, we help your pets live longer. Specialising in small animal medicine, soft tissue and bone surgery, stem cell therapy and vaccinations, we can take care of your pet – whether it’s a dog, cat, chicken, rooster, reptile or anything else. If you live in Modbury 5092, then our Holden Hill Vet is your local vet clinic. We’re not far from Modbury, so come and see us today at 728 North East Road or call 8261 9948. We’re also offering a complimentary health check/urinalysis and half price wellness blood test to all pets over eight years of age. And August is veterinary dental month, so we’re offering free dental checks on dogs, cats and rabbits.

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  • Specialise in small animal medicine

    Do you own a small animal? Our animal hospital offers medical and surgical care for dogs, cats, birds, exotics and other small animals. In our state-of-the-art clinic, our vets will assist your pet with desexing, soft tissue, orthopaedic, and reconstructive surgery – required after trauma, ageing or disease.

    Talk to us about our wide range of small animal services, including:


    • Dentistry
    • Emergency & critical care
    • Rehabilitation
    • Behavioural assistance.


    If there’s something you need specific help with, just let us know. 

  • About Holden Hill Vet Clinic

    With nearly 50 years of combined experience, our clinic is one of the leading veterinary practices in Adelaide. We offer a complete range of treatments including routine check-ups, surgeries and specialist services. They include:

    • Vaccinations
    • Desexing
    • Microchipping
    • Pet dentistry
    • Grooming
    • Soft tissue and bone surgery
    • Minor and major surgery
    • Lump and tumour removals
    • Radiology
    • Behavioural consulting
    • Skin and dermatology
    • Small animal medicine
    • Stem cell therapy. 
  • Rabbits & reptiles

    Love exotic pets? Own a rabbit, reptile, turtle, lizard, frog, guinea pig, ferret, rat or any other interesting creature? Veterinary medicine for exotic pets is growing with the popularity of these animals. With our expansive advice on nutrition and the best living conditions, together we can help your new pet live longer. 

    We love exotic pets as much as you do. And we pride ourselves on going that extra mile as your exotic pet doctors – because a man’s best friend can be more than just his dog. Exotic pet services are quite different, so it’s best to bring your pet in to a specialist, like us. Whether you own an energetic pooch or an unusual pet, call us today for expert vet care.