• Local Affordable Plumbing

    Have you got a leaking tap, a blocked drain? Then you need a local Bolivar Plumber. Meet a local near Bolivar, servicing the Northern areas of Adelaide. He is licensed and insured, and also qualified to do gas fitting as well as every day maintenance plumbing. In addition to these great qualifications.

  • What services do we provide?

    As the name plumbing and gas suggests, we are also licensed gas fitters. This means we can fit your gas household appliances, such as ovens, as well as gas hot water systems. If you need an expert for gas leak detection or gas fireplace installation, then you'll be dealing with a qualified and licensed gas fitter.
    Primarily we provide maintenance plumbing work. So if you have something that's broken down, stopped working, leaking, dripping, clogged or with backflow problems, then contact your local Bolivar Plumber.
    Other commonly solved tasks include:
    Clearing blocked drains
    fixing leaking taps
    All Gas Fitting
    Hot water system repair or replacement
    Toilet backflow problems
    plumbing in new appliances and sink and basins
    if there's something not on the list, chances are still does it, these are just the most commonly solved problems, so it pays to use the click to call button and contact us directly.

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