• Life Insurance In Glenelg

  • If you are considering life insurance, and you live or work in Glenelg, Infinit Wealth are the personal insurance specialists in Adelaide. Mandy Lam has you covered; as one of South Australia’s leading financial advisers she brings both expertise and that caring touch to the table. Life Insurance is, at heart, all about looking after those closest to you, your family and loved ones. Getting the right policy to ensure maximum protection in the advent of your death is vitally important. Consulting with someone that you can really talk to is a major step in the right direction toward achieving your desired outcome. Mandy at Infinit Wealth can help with this.

    Personal Insurance Matters

    Security and peace of mind for you and your family are what is at stake here, and getting the best cover that you can as a policy holder. Often, prospective life insurance customers do not understand all the terms and conditions within policies and this can lead to serious problems when you least expect it. Talk to an expert and you will avoid any pitfalls or problems with your insurance policy. Death benefit cover should be just that, covering your family financially in the tragic advent of your passing. It is your way of continuing to look after them, even, when you can’t be physically there. Infinit Wealth can show you how to achieve this.

    Income Protection in Glenelg

    Many Lam and the Infinit Wealth team can help you with income protection through salary continuance insurance. If you find yourself unable to work due to injury or illness, this provides an income stream to keep you and your family buoyant through these challenging times. Looking out for your future is the smart approach to living. Preparedness is the cornerstone of a successful and caring life.

    Trauma and critical illness insurance provides a lump sum payment in the advent of being diagnosed with a serious condition or having to undergo a critical medical procedure, which are listed on the policy. This is your safety net for expensive medical care, your rehabilitation and the debts you may incur during this challenging time. Heart attacks, cancers and strokes can fall under this category.

    Financial Planning

    Infinit Wealth can help you with all your financial planning for a better future. Superannuation, investment planning, wealth creation, retirement planning, home loans, investment loans, refinancing, debt consolidation, general insurance and motor vehicle finance are all areas of their expertise. Mandy Lam offers a clear direction toward financial freedom for her clients, and believes in enduring relationships built on trust and understanding. Talk to Mandy, or one of her advisors, today, and begin the journey to financial freedom in Glenelg and surrounding suburbs.