• Colorbond Fencers Adelaide

    Colorbond fencing is currently the most popular style of fencing for new homes. The reason a colorbond fence is so popular is for a few reasons. Mainly the low cost, durability and simplicity to erect. Colorbond fences are coated in a tough rust resistant paint, they come in a range of fence colours, and are extremely versatile. Colorbond fence types can be in good neighbour or post and rail fences.

  • Good Neighbour Fencing Adelaide

    Good neighbour fences have posts and no rail. This means in short, that no neighbour gets the ugly side of the fence with the rail running across the fenceline. The colorbond fences are held rigid by the metal capping on top of the fence. Good neighbour fences usually cost a little more than post and rail fences, but for the sake of an extra $15 to $20 per metre, it can be worth it for a much better look. Not to mention avoiding any neighbourhood disputes. Pesonally I believe this is a better choice, and well worth the minimal extra outlay to avoid potential disputes and also to enhance your backyard fence.

  • Post and Rail Colorbond Fences

    A post and rail fence is a bit cheaper than a good neighbour fence. Typically they can be anywhere from $70 a metre up to about $90. They are even cheaper if you are handy and can install them yourself. The materials as such are not a huge cost, and the tools needed are very simple.

    Watch the video below to see how a post and rail colorbond fence is assembled.

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