• Purchase Tyres in Malvern

    Searching for a mechanic that actually knows their stuff? One that’s local, honest and experienced? Do you live in Malvern? Come and visit Goodyear Tyre and Auto. We’ve got a store very close to you, at 107 Cross Street, Hawthorn. We offer loan cars, leading tyres, and ongoing mechanical and tyre advice to keep your car going for longer.

  • Tyre wear and depth

    So you know your tyres were replaced awhile ago, but how do you know when they’re past their life? A quick trick is all you need to know – checking your tyre depth.
    You want to make sure that you check your tyre tread depth regularly. This will help you get the maximum usage, without affecting your safety on the road. It’s advised that you change your tyres before the tread depth is worn to approximately 1.6mm. At Goodyear Tyre and Auto, we help our customers in Malvern and other surrounding suburbs to inspect their tyre tread. Your safety and the wellbeing of others on the road is the most important to us.
    Your safety on the road is directly affected by your tyre tread depth – here’s why. The grooves on your tyres help maintain control while driving, so the more depth you have, the safer you are. We also keep in mind correct air pressure, as well as ongoing maintenance, to ensure your tyres live their longest.

  • About Goodyear Tyre and Auto

    It’s easy to forget about your tyres. They’re often one of the last things that come to mind when we look at a car. However, they’re the most important. Your tyres are the only part of your car that comes into contact with the road. This is why they need to be closely looked at, regularly. And you should know as much about how you can best maintain them, in between visits to us, as possible.
    By choosing Goodyear Tyre and Auto, you can look forward to knowing more about your car. We give our customers ongoing expert advice – not just the providing the tyre replacement service.
    Did you know that your tyres carry the entire weight of your car – up to 50 times their own weight. They absorb every obstacle on the road, and respond to your driving needs – like accelerating, braking and steering. When you think about it like this, you’ll understand why investing in your tyres is a smart decision. Don’t just choose any other tyres… choose a set that is backed by one of the world’s leading tyre companies – Goodyear Tyre and Auto.