• Property Management in Seacombe Gardens

  • Property Management Seacombe Gardens

    If you are considering professional property management for your residence in Seacombe Gardens, remember the name Adelaide South Property. They are the number one property management company in the south of Adelaide and the clear leaders in this space. With an exemplary record for ‘on time’ rental payment from their tenants, they take the hassle out of being a landlord. For peace of mind regarding the state of your property and astute management on your behalf, Adelaide South Property have you covered. Talk to one of their property managers today about your rental property and what they can do for you.

  • Good Tenants

    Good tenants do not grow on trees, but Adelaide South Property can show you how to find the right tenant for your Seacombe Garden’s property. It all begins with how you present your home to the prospective tenants; and professional property management can advise you on the best methods to achieve the best outcome. They will conduct a home open session and introduce potential tenants to your property. Simultaneously, they will be vetting these candidates for your home, before completing a thorough check on all applicants. After this screening they will advise you on the best applicant and then, organise the lease for you. It is all about setting high professional standards at the very outset of the process. This establishes clear ground rules for tenants to uphold throughout the leasehold period. A firm and positive relationship can result in a good tenant paying their rent accordingly and looking after your property properly for many years. This means a solid return on your investment property and peace of mind.

  • Rentals & Landlords

    Adelaide South Property can take the fraught out of the potentially fruitful for Seacombe Garden’s property owners wishing to rent out their homes. High professional standards and systems in place that deliver exceptional results for their portfolio of clients. It is all about relationships and clear communication channels, with all parties well informed as to their responsibilities toward each other. Tenants commit to a lease for an agreed period of time, in which they will pay their rent, monthly or fortnightly, in advance, and maintain the highest standards toward the property itself. Landlords agree to maintain the residence in a similarly high functioning state throughout the leasehold, fixing wear and tear in a timely manner. Adelaide South Property will look after your home as if it was their own property. Professional property management in South Australia does not get better than this.