• Welcome To Phantom Screens

    Phantom Screens Australia are the premier producer of window screens, retractable, and motorised screens. Based in our Somerton Park workshop in Adelaide, they are the number one provider of window screens in the southern hemisphere.

    In 1995 they saw a need in the market to take the traditional fly screen which lacked style and strength, and create a product that would not block a householder's view, nor would it look unsightly from the street.

    With Australian ideas, combined with European technology, the Phantom Screen Company was born. Today the Serene Window Screen remains one of the most sought after items in the entire range.

  • Serene Window Screen

    Welcome to the next generation of window screens. With a pull down and retractable screen, designed specifically for windows. There are clever catches in built into the base of the tracks which makes for a sleeker look and a more practical design.
    When it's not in use, you simply unclip the catches, and it disappears entirely from site allowing you uninterrupted views. The system is extremely sleek and almost undetectable when recoiled.

  • Features

    Fully retractable, and discrete when retracted
    The screen can be fitted externally or internally
    There is a wide colour range to suit your existing colour schemes
    Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
    Professional service and installation
    The retractable design is almost undetectable when not in use
    Safe and Secure fastening
    The product will hold in place during breezy conditions
    Keeps away insects and provides UV protection
    The product allows great ventilation

  • Where can this be used?

    The serene screen is designed for windows, it will work very well in oversized windows, bi-fold and double french, serveries, single hung or double hung windows, awning windows and sliding windows. With the right installation it can work almost anywhere, and retract or slide down with ease.

  • Mesh Options

    Best of all, the mesh comes in 6 different options to suit the look of your home and the purpose of the screen. Please view the picture gallery below for more detail. The insect mesh is the most open and allows through the most breeze, it is available in two colours.

    The solar mesh is a little tighter knit and will allow some breeze through whilst blocking harmful UV rays.

    The privacy mesh is the tightest mesh on offer and comes in three popular colours.