• Beauty Salons in St Peters

  • The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic

    The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic is ideally located in Ward St, North Adelaide, only a short distance for the splendid St Peters clientele to travel. This short trip will be made many times once you avail yourself of the extraordinary services of The Doll House. Industry front runners in administering beauty treatments ranging from anti ageing therapies, massaging, wraps, waxing, micro-dermabrasion, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, make up services and the extensive list goes on. The friendly staff at The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic endeavour to overwhelm you with pampering and indulgent therapies.

  • Connoisseurs of Beauty

    Indoctrinated into the field of all matters beauty and anti ageing, The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic beauticians are adept in the artistry of attending to your face and body in only the most masterful ways. Under the particular guidance of business owner and beauty professional, Lyrie, the therapists nurture your every need and want. Lyrie has captained this industry for more than 20 years and having dealt with every beauty request conceivable, is supremely talented and able to offer unrivalled services.

  • Anti Ageing Treatments

    It is widely accepted we need to look after ourselves before we can look after others and most often, are deserving of some pampering and beautifying. Busy lives, daily stresses, being time poor and harmful toxins in our environment all lead to accelerated ageing. Fortunately, we have the diverse services of The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic to rescue us from the ageing spiral. Aromatherapy wraps and facials to nourish and replenish face and body, hydropeptides to exfoliate and hydrate skin, lifts, peels and dermabrasion to tone and strengthen skin and muscles with light and laser therapies to rejuvenate skin or reduce and remove hair followed by tinting and lash extensions to complete the finishing touches.


  • Beauty Indulgences

    Whether you do it every week or it is a special occasion indulgence, you get such a buzz from treating yourself and we love to see your personal gratification, also. Why not spoil yourself now and organise a manicure or a pedicure, finishing off with a warm paraffin treatment and polish of your choice. You may feel inclined to go with the full service of acrylic or bio sculpture gel nails as well. Not just for the tips of your fingers and toes, indulge the whole body in an aromatherapy massage or wrap. Bring some colour to your skin and book in a body buff and spray tan after you have seen to getting rid of the hairy bits with all manner of waxing services available. Half or full leg, bikini, under arm, lower arm, chest, back, lips, chin, you name it, if hair grows there, we can remove it. You will leave our salon on cloud nine every time, primped, poked and plucked, pampered and pandered to. We will see you again soon!!

  • Injectables (Botox & Fillers)

    The Doll House offer the latest injectables, often referred to as Botox and fillers. This procedure is performed by a registered nurse. We offer injectables by appointment only. Please contact us on the number provided, the contact form, or by using the click to call button on a mobile device.

  • Eyelash Extensions

    Beautiful eyelashes are something that can really make or break your look. If you use cheap ones that are low quality, the will then to break, misshape and not give you the overall look that you desire. At The Doll House, we only stock and use the worlds best quality fake lashes that are made from some of the best looking and most durable materials such as synthetic, silk and faux mink to truly make your look stand out. The initial process of applying them is safe and easy. The range of lashes that we have can be anywhere from 6mm in size, all the way through to 17mm.