• Plumbers in Gilberton

  • Welcome to Affordable Adelaide Plumber, an emergency plumbing service for Gilberton and nearby suburbs. We are available 24/7 with no call out fee. You can call on our emergency services at any time of the day and night. We can resolve any issues you may be having such as leaking taps, burst pipes, flood, blocked drains, shower heads, hot water service, solar water and much more. Call us today and we will arrive at your premises in the quickest time possible

  • Hot Water

    A faulty hot water system can terribly upset your daily schedule. If you are living in Gilberton or its surrounding suburbs, and need the service of an expert to fix your hot water system we are the right people to go for. Our experts are proficient in handling all types of hot water heaters such as electric, gas and solar hot water heaters. We deal with all the leading brands like Rheem, Dux, Rinnai, AquaMAX, Bosch, Vulcan, Chromagen, Wilson, Stiebel and Saxon among others. Our team will reach you soon, identify the problem and fix it soon. All you need to do is call us.

    Leaking taps

    A leaky tap is a bigger problem than most people care to admit. If one of your taps is leaking, fix it promptly – otherwise, it'll stain your bath or sink. It might cause erosion inside the mechanism of the tap. Leaking taps might also lead to seepage and cause damage to the walls. Above all, your water bill will be high due to the wasted water. Fix the leaking taps immediately to save money and property. 

  • Burst pipes

    A burst pipe is an emergency that requires the immediate attention of an expert plumber. If it is not fixed soon, it will lead to huge wastage of water, damage to property and loss of money. If you have a burst pipe, you’ll have to turn off the water metre as soon as possible. Once you turn off the meter, call the emergency plumbers and get it fixed at the earliest possible moment.

  • Blocked drains

    Drains are blocked by particles such as hair, food scraps, oil or even tree roots. While a householder might be able to deal with small blocks, bigger blocks would require expert help. If the blocks were not efficiently removed, the entire drainage might suffer damages. Our experts can identify the cause of the block quickly and work to eliminate it. They would even give you some tips to prevent such drainage blocks in the future.

    Whether it is hot water, gas, taps, pipes, toilets or drains, you can count on ABA Plumbing and Gas Servicing.  Available 24/7, there is no call out fee when you call us.

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