• Eyelash Extensions Salisbury

    The Doll House is well known across Adelaide’s north-east, extending to Salisbury and beyond, for delivering superior service and expertise in all matters beauty, anti ageing and eyelashes. A short drive into The Doll House in North Adelaide to satisfy your beauty needs will have you driving home again on cloud nine. Whether you are coming in for a quick pick me up facial, to touch up your eyelash extensions or a full day spa indulgence package, we are always pleased to see you at The Doll House and can accommodate you with our generous opening hours weekdays and Saturdays as well as extending late on Thursday evenings.

  • Eyelash Extension Expertise

    Glamour puss, show girl or natural; whatever look you are going for, you want confidence in your eyelash extension technician to apply and deliver superior service and professional trouble free results. Your application process should take about two hours for a full set. This involves assessing the correct length and volume for your existing lashes and face shape. Each eyelash extension is glued to your own natural, individual eyelash until the desired look is achieved. The natural growth period of your eyelashes will determine the life span of your eyelash extensions, however common indications of most people’s lash growth means the eyelash extensions usually last six to eight weeks. To maintain an optimum look for your eyelashes and extensions, we recommend a touch up visit at about three or four weeks. If your refills are handled correctly, you should always look like you have received a full new set. 

  • Premium Products and Services

    Our products and supplies are first class, safe, universally ethical, where available and contain non-reactive ingredients. The eyelash extensions we choose to use are either top-grade synthetic, silk or mink. We can discuss the preferred product for your application personally. The length and volume we use will also form part of our discussion and we offer lengths ranging from 6mm to 17mm. We will always provide home care information to preserve your eyelashes as well as encourage repeat salon visits to sustain the look and health of your eyelash extensions. Although eyelash extensions are a service we specialise in, we are also highest quality providers of countless other beauty and anti ageing treaments such as manicures, pedicures, massaging, peels, lifts, dermabrasion, waxing, spray tans, make up, light therapies, wraps, aromatherapies, you name it, we will provide it.

  • Eyelash Extras

    Eyes are one of the first elements of a person’s face that we notice and eyes are perhaps the most expressive, yet subtle body parts, also. Wouldn’t you want them to be always looking their best? Our team at The Doll House are well able to get all of you looking A1, including every part of your eyes to match your eyelash extensions. We can wax above and below your brow, do brow tinting, brow threading, brow shaping and eyelash perming.