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  • The Best Value Bathroom Renovations West Lakes SA

    We recreate bathrooms for homeowners. So there’s more than just the location that impresses their guests. If you’re looking for a quality bathroom renovation company who understands your taste and lifestyle, talk to us. We’ve probably helped your neighbours or the homes close by. For a quality renovations company, call us, Proz-At. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners in South Australia, including West Lakes. If you’re looking for a team of creative, meticulous designers, let’s talk. Feel free to share any inspiration you have, whether it’s photos, Instagram snapshots, blogs or references to friend’s bathroom features. There’s probably different parts of various bathrooms that you like, so let’s go through each. Your area has many older homes and if you purchased yours a number of years ago, it’s probably time to make some changes. We’re here to help you do this, affordably and efficiently.

  • Bringing your bathroom to life

    A beautiful home always includes a beautiful bathroom. And we can help create one, if you’re unhappy with yours. As we design your new bathroom, we’ll work together with you. It’s not a one-way street. We get the best results from actually including you in the process – because at the end of the day, it is your bathroom. A lot of other bathroom renovators miss this crucial part.

     With us, communication is the key. Our bathroom renovation and design team will keep you up to date with everything that’s happening – at every stage of the journey.

  • About Us

    Our skills are utilised to find the most efficient ways to plumb showers, locate drains and coordinate our own tilers, waterproofers and professionals to make your bathroom sparkle at the best value price.

    We’ve seen our fair share of bathrooms. And we believe it’s one of the few rooms in a house where you can splurge. Everyone uses it – multiple times per day. Why not make it as beautiful as it can be…

    We have renovated bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. We clean up after ourselves, and can help answer any questions you may have – long after we’ve left your home.

  • Practical tips for renovating your bathroom

    So you’ve chosen to renovate your bathroom? Congratulations!

    Here are some things to think about, as you’re speaking to your bathroom renovations company

    • Review how your bathroom is set up. Consider the focal points and where you’d like to draw people’s attention.
    • Are you spending much on your hot water bill? If so, when you’re choosing new systems, think about opting for energy-efficient products.
    • Don’t skimp on your tradesmen. A bathroom renovation is a big job. And if you try to cut corners, you’ll end up paying more just to fix it. Do your research and choose a reputable company.
  • Free Quotes in West Lakes 5021

    We’d love to help you bring your new bathroom idea to life. Get in touch with us today. Our friendly team are ready to talk through your ideas with you.

  • When to update your bathroom

    Are you tired of looking at an old, damaged floor? Frustrated that you don’t have enough space? Ladies, do you always struggle to put on makeup because there’s not enough lighting? Nowhere to hang your towels? These are all reasons why people choose to hire us. Updating this room has both lifestyle and financial benefits. Of course, it aims to solves these problems to make life at home that little bit easier. But if you ever choose to sell your house, this will be one of the leading features – a new bathroom. Renovated bathrooms are a leading selling point of any home.

  • Beautiful, functional bathroom spaces

    While we want you to walk into the room and feel great, it has to be comfortable and functional, too. Think about how you use the space. What do you do in it every day? Always dreaming of taking a bath and have a place to relax in? Or do you prefer to go in and out quickly, with enough storage space to keep the area tidy? Take the time to think about your usage needs, as we base the designs on three things – usability, comfort, and optimising the beauty. Too often, people go straight into the last point because that’s the fun part.

  • Full-service renovations company

    Being a full-service bathroom renovations specialist, we do it all. This includes plumbing, tiling, electrical, cabinet making and joinery, plumbing, and carpentry. You don’t have to go elsewhere for one of these services. More importantly, we can guarantee the quality of each of these renovation components, as well as control each phase. If there’s a hold up with the waterproofing and tiling, that’s okay. Book a time for one of our home makeover specialists to visit you in West Lakes (SA, 5021).