• Property Management in Christies Beach

  • Managing Your Assets

    If you are looking for professional property management for your Christies Beach house or apartment, remember the name Adelaide South Property. Let them take the hassle out of being a landlord and deliver solid returns on your investment. Their track record is second to none in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, with rents paid on time and properties let to respectful tenants. Adelaide South has a portfolio of property owning clients on their books and the systems in place to benefit you. It all starts with securing a good tenant and they can show you how to achieve this. Talk to one of their managers today about what they can offer you.

  • Tenants & Rental Returns

    Adelaide South know that “a good home will attract good people.” This is why they ensure that you present your prospective rental residence in the best possible condition. Attracting quality tenants is half the battle and a well presented asset will do just that. Your property manager will introduce your home to prospective tenants at a home open session and then vet the best tenant for your property. A stringent selection process uncovers the right tenant and a fruitful relationship begins. A good tenant can sometimes rent from you for many years; securing your investment. It is all about setting high standards at the outset and making sure that this continues throughout the tenancy period at your Christies Beach house or apartment. 

  • Landlords

    Good communication between all parties invariably ensures successful relationships and results. Adelaide South has built its business on this principle and delivers solid returns for its clients. Rental arrears are not tolerated, as this is a breach of the lease agreement. As a landlord your rights are protected by law and Adelaide South Property will make sure that this is respected. Regular routine inspections, every twelve weeks, are carried out by your manager. These inspections identify any damage or problems that may have arisen during this period. With systems in place you are not flying blind and your asset is safe. Adelaide South treat your property as if it is their own and they rigorously make sure that you are protected. The professional nature of management means that all parties respect their roles. There are no shortcuts when it comes to looking after your property and managing tenants on your behalf in Christies Beach. Adelaide South are the trusted name when it comes to property management.