• Auto Electricians in Christies Beach

  • When you need a car electrician who can deliver prompt, reliable and quality service in Christies Beach, look no further than PP Auto Electrician. If your car isn’t driving well, warning lights flashing on your dashboard, or your electronic systems are faulty, our team will diagnose the problem and get it fixed, fast. We also specialise in log book servicing, air conditioning and car batteries, to name just a few. Our auto electricians use top quality products from brands like Narva, Bosch, Phillips and Oek to ensure your car stays in top condition. For a free quote and advice on your car issues, simply call PP Auto Electrician today. 

  • Why Choose PP Auto Electrician?

    PP Auto Electricians can come to your home or workplace in Christies Beach to service or repair your car. This premium service will take the hassle out of getting your car fixed, as you can go about your day without interruption. Alternatively, our Lonsdale workshop has a comfortable waiting room for your convenience too. Our team is led by Peter Palacz, an electrician with 36 years of experience in the industry. With our expertise, commitment to quality workmanship and affordable prices, you know you’re in good hands with PP Auto Electricians. 

  • Premium Car Servicing

    It is vital to keep your car in good shape to avoid bigger problems forming down the track. PP Auto Electrician can provide a full service to your vehicle too, whether major or minor, including an oil and filter change and comprehensive safety check. Log book servicing is no hassle either, and we’ll ensure you maintain your new car warranty when you choose us as your service providers. 

    Air Conditioning Servicing and Re-Gasing

    Over winter, your air conditioning system can develop leaks and a buildup of odour-causing bacteria. Our qualified technicians will do a full inspection, clean or replace filters, and adjust your drive belt to ensure your air conditioner is restored to prime condition. So invest in a service and re-gas today to get your car ready for summer with PP Auto Electrician!

  • Auto Electrics Services

    We cater for a wide range of auto electrical needs, including diagnosis, repair or replacement of:

    • Electronic fuel injection & ignition systems
    • Starter motor and alternator
    • Fitting new electrical accessories
    • Electric brakes - from just $250
    • Car batteries & 4X4 Dual Batteries
    • LPG conversions, services and tank testing
    • SBS and airbags

    PP Auto Electricians have the skills, equipment and dedication to fix your car quickly and economically. Discuss your needs with one of our friendly, qualified auto electricians today.