• Electricians North Haven

    Electricians North Haven

    If you’ve come to this page because you’re looking for the best qualified electrician near you, then you have come to the right place. We are your number one solution to all of your electrical issues that you may be having in your home or office in the North Haven area. We have an extensive amount of dedication and experience in fixing and repairing everything from lighting, switchboards, wall sockets, home theatre systems and even your solar power systems. We have an amazing team that will be able to come to your premises at any time and provide you with expert customer service and have your fault fixed in the shortest time possible.

    Call us today and talk to us about any issues you may be having and we will send one of our trades people out to have it fixed.

  • Electrical and power repairs and maintenance

    If you’re sitting in the dark because you have had a fault which is causing your lighting to malfunction, have us come to your home or business and we will have it repaired in no time at all. We strive to add a valuable service to all North Haven residence and will have any malfunctioning electrical problems that you may have restored and up and running again. Whether your lighting is broken, your wall outlets won’t power your electronics, your switchboard is busted, your home theatre system is playing up or even if your solar panel system is working the way it should, we can have them all looked at and repaired on the same day we inspect them. There is nothing we can’t fix and will be happy to take on any project. We will always tell you upfront before we arrive how much the initial job will cost to give you more piece of mind beforehand. We even throw in a FREE electrical check on all of your appliances and gadgets, which would usually cost upwards of $400.

    Solar Panel Installation and repairs

    If you haven’t made the switch to a solar panel system yet, then you could be flushing huge amount of $$$ down the drain for no reason. Homes in Australia are becoming bigger and bigger and therefore require far more power to run them, meaning you will be racking up higher power bills. By having a quality solar system installed by us will mean that you could be saving upwards of 80% on your yearly power bills while also choosing the more energy efficient and cleaner source of power. We only stock and install the best brands of solar systems such as the 1.5kw PV solar system which is one of the most efficient at storing large amount of electricity in your home or office. We will even repair and maintain any solar setup you may have regardless of wether or not we installed it or someone else.

    Home theatre installations

    Home theatres are becoming more and more common in Australian homes due to their ever lowering price range and their ease of use. If you want to have the absolute best movie experience in your home, then having a quality home theatre installation is your best bet. We can work with you to find the best quality projector, wall mounted screen and surround sound system to fit your budget and have it beautifully installed and set up in any room of your home. We take care of all the wiring, setup and wall mounting so you can sit back and enjoy a Cinema style experience without you having to do any of te hard work.