• Roller Shutters Seaford Rise

  • Roller Shutters Seaford Rise

    Noisy neighbours? Live on a busy street? Is your house subject to harsh weather? At Focus, we install roller shutters, adding value to South Australian homes for over 35 years. All parts and every installation come with a 12-month warranty. Aluminium profiles are covered for five years. Choosing our team, Focus, you’re not going to get the hard sell. No gimmicks. No hidden surprises. Instead, you’ll get great advice and free quotes. Call us today on 1800 617 717 and we’ll come out to your Seaford Rise SA 5169 and Seaford Heights home. 

  • Security roller shutters

    Window security is a must for homeowners, no matter where you live. Stop unwanted guests from even thinking about breaking into your home. Roller shutters add that extra layer of security to stop burglars in their tracks. They’re also a great way to increase privacy in the home. Our shutters are the perfect solution for privacy and light control. You decide how light or cool a room should be

  • About Focus Home Improvements

    At Focus, our products and solutions are designed to improve your home. Our roller shutters are lighter, stronger and have better insulation properties. Every Focus shutter is backed by industry leading warranties.

    We don’t just help improve your windows. We can also help you with:

    • Roof restorations
    • Focus lawn
    • Re-roof gutters
    • Every season gutter guard
    • Solar
    • ZEN patio retractable roof system
    • Folding arm awnings
    • Lifestyle roller screens.

    If you’re experiencing any type of problem with your house, whether it’s a growing electricity bill or issues with travelling sound, talk to us. 

  • Re-roof gutters

    Your roof is another important feature of your house. At Focus, we offer fully accredited methods to revitalise your roof, so that it’s safe, secure and long lasting. 

    Here are a few of the reasons why we’re one of Seaford’s chosen roofing teams. 

    • Choose from up to nine colours
    • Our solutions are made for Australian conditions
    • Zincalume® substrate lasts up to four times longer than galvanised iron
    • Warranties issued by and backed by BHP, the Big Australian.
    • We utilise new barge capping using BHP products to replace old timber barge caps, reducing unnecessary maintenance and painting.

    You’re covered with our five-year warranty on workmanship and installation.

    Let us measure and quote roller shutters for your Seaford Rise or Seaford Heights home. Call us now on 1800 617 717.