• Air Conditioning in Normanville

  • For a full-service heating and cooling company, partner with Sparrow. We design air conditioning solutions for new homes, and repair and maintain existing systems. Being qualified electricians, we offer a service that’s unique. Our technicians can support you with your complete power needs, specialising in heating / cooling. We’ll look at your electricity usage from a complete perspective, instead of just your air conditioner. No matter what you need, talk to us. We’ll come out to your Normanville home today on 0448 460 076. The Sparrow team are experienced, qualified and licensed – our electrical number is PGE282388. 

  • Proud Fujitsu partners

    While we’re supporters of Fujitsu systems, we can source other leading air conditioning brands. Let us know if you have a brand preference or we’ll discuss your needs to determine the best system for you. We’ll consider your house size, the layout, the number of people in your family, and if you have any special needs – like reducing your power bill. Other things to consider are proximity to windows and doors, ceiling space, whether your house is insulated, the main areas you spend time in, and power supply.

    Once you’ve picked a system, our professional installation team will fit it into your house. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects and we know what to keep in mind during the process. Talk to us about any past issues such as energy inefficiency, high electrical bills, temperature control, and mechanical problems.

    If you’re concerned about running costs, talk to us. A number of factors play into this including the type and size of the system, the energy efficiency rating, and how long the system is operation. Your electricity tariff and the temperature the system is set to also plays a role. 

  • Clean, healthy interior air

    Do you have a family member who sufferers from asthma or allergies? Maintaining a clean indoor environment is critical to avoid break-outs. Your air conditioner can harbour pollen, mould, dust, and pollutants that travel inside your house via the filter. This is why it’s important to invest in regular checks. Our technicians can plan a maintenance schedule for your air conditioner, so you don’t have to worry about the change of seasons.

    If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced and professional team of air conditioning specialists, call us on 0448 460 076. Book in a time for us to visit your Normanville SA 5204 home.