• Air Conditioning in Flagstaff Hill

    If you have been sweltering through the harsh climate, and have only had portable fans to try and cool you down, then it might be time to invest in a quality cooling system to increase the level of comfort for you and your family. At Mueller we make it our mission to provide you with the best quality heating and cooling system for your home or office while also giving to the most competitive price available. We stock and install everything from split systems, ducted, and wall mounted systems. We can also service any make and model that you may have to get them up and running again and make them more energy efficient to save you money of your energy bills.
    Our team in constantly on the road and are always working in and near Flagstaff Hill call us today and speak with our amazing team about your next heating and cooling installation or repair.

  • Split System & Ducted Heating & Cooling Installation

    Having a home or office without any proper cooling or heating can be an uncomfortable situation that no body wants to be in. Most tend to just purchase a portable fan that does nothing more than just supercharge hot air around the room. If you want the best cooling for your home or office, having a split system of ducted system installed will provide every single room with the cleanest and coldest air possible. This will ensure that you have the maximum level of comfort all year round. We have a large range of some of the best brands that are not only incredible at cooling and heating your home or office, they are extremely quite and some of the most energy efficient on the market which will save you tremendous amounts of your energy bills.

  • What Heating & Cooling Systems do we service?

    Do you own a heating and cooling system? Has it broken down? Or is it running less efficient than when you first bought it and had it installed? Then it may be time to have it serviced or repaired. We are the number one qualified repairer in Flagstaff Hill and can have any make and model up and running again while also ensuring that any faults or future break down are avoided. If you have a cooling and heating unit such as Fujitsu, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and LG we have the skills to service and repair them all and can service anything from split system, ducted, portable cooling, reverse cycle and a wide range more. Our amazing team is always on the go 24/7 and will happily come to you at any time to have your system repaired and running like new again.

  • Become a Priority Member

    Are you a business owner? Then why not become a priority member today. As a priority member, you will have access to a yearly service and maintenance option in which we will stop by your residence and service, maintain and fix anything on the conditioning unit. We look over everything from how it running, to if the filter needs to be replaced and if any debris or dirt is trapped in the vents. This is a fantastic option as it will save you big $$$ in the future as a regular yearly service will ensure that the unit will not have any major break downs or faults.